I’m a Steemcleaners fugitive // Soy un fugitivo de Steemcleaners

in #anti-abuse4 months ago (edited)

16 months and counting! // 16 meses y contando!

@logic my lil buddy...amigo. Dale. Jajaja




I think I am the only person who ever got away with this. // Creo que soy la única persona que ha escapado de @guiltyparties y @logic.



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Busy was crap anyway!

Lol yes it was.

Shit. A photo didn’t upload. Fixed lmao

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Hello sir , I selute your good work . Sir I always try to share my post unique .Forgive me if I have made any mistake. Please say me why you gave me downvote on my post .If you say me , I am grateful to u.

I disagree with the rewards for low quality content.

Sir ,how I can make high quality post . You suggest me ,sir.

I'm not sure you are able.

You could try writing them yourself.