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RE: Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

in #animalslast year

Oh mine, creepy looking creatures.


I agree sir Vincent and thank you. There were actually some from Singapore but they were so horrible and scary I decided not to show them!

Ya, right. 😎

lol! What are your big New Years party plans?

None! It was a non event. It is just another day. I had a drink on my own, and played around on my computer. Not the best time to be out on a New Year's eve anyway. Hell of a job trying to catch the transport home.
I guess you will be toasting Mrs J to the New Year?
Happy New Year, Jonboy! May it be a great year for you! 😊

Oh since you are mr. socialite I thought you'd be out on the town! Mrs. J went to bed at 6:30 because she gets up at 3:30 for work so it was a non event for us too. It will indeed be a great year for me, I hope it will for you too sir Vincent!

Poor Mrs J. To have to wake up at such an unearthly hour. I bet you are still frolicking on Steem at that hour.

lol..well she has always been a super early riser. Her usual time is 4:00 or 4:30 so it just presses her a little. I used to stay up till 2am but these days I try to make it 1am. Did you stay up for the midnight hour on yesterday?

I didn't stay up for the midnight hour. I just sleep late - about 1 am.