Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

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Check these out, I think this one looks like an alien:


It's called a Blue Dragon and it floats around in the ocean.

It likes to nibble on the venomous Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish which sounds dangerous but this thing is really smart because it steals the man-of-wars’ stingers and puts them in its own "fingers" to ward off predators!


This next guy is an Axolotl which is a type of salamander but one you haven't seen. They are very rare and are in danger of becoming extinct. They're known for the ability to regrow their limbs if they lose them.



This is one ugly's called the Helmeted Hornbill. It's in serious danger because idiots keep killing them for their unique shaped head which is used to carve art and jewelry pieces. What a shame.



The Hornbill's are found in Southeast Asia but are being killed off at the rate of 6,000 per year to feed the demand in China.


Look at the face on this crab! This is a Heikegani Crab from Japan and it's very popular because of that face. Very fitting that it's in Japan because it looks like an angry samurai.



Here's a rodent that is only found in Madagascar called the Lowland Streaked Tenrec. Doesn't it look like a Pokemon character? Those spikes are like Hedge Hog spikes for protection.



This guy reminds me of a Star Wars creature. It's the Saiga Antelope found in central Asia.

There used to be millions of them but because of relentless hunting and an infection that wiped out 60% of them in 2015, the animal is on the edge of extinction.



The Hammer-headed is this thing bizarre. They eat fruit, have a wingspan of 3 feet and live in Africa so they're a problem for farmers down there. They make a loud honking sound to attract females. lol.




Another unique animal from Africa. This is the Ankole-Watusi Bull. It seems like it would be exhausting to hold up horns of that size all day!



Here's a creepy one, the Amazon Giant Fishing Spider. It eats small fish, frogs, snakes, even small opossums! The dang thing is 8 inches across.



From the deserts of Argentina..the Pink Fairy Armadillo. Very very reclusive and shy, this is a rare one that is seldom seen. Five inches in length.



Holy smokes. This is the world's largest crab with a diameter of 12 feet when it's legs are stretched out. It is found in the waters off Japan and considered a delicacy. The Japanese Spider Crab:



That's enough for today, I got more though but isn't nature amazing? A never-ending variety of fascinating creatures. . many whose existence is threatened by the callous or greedy actions of mankind.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





The Blue Dragon was a new one for me. Most of the others I was already familiar with, and I especially like the Axolotl. How would you like to meet a Spider Crab while snorkeling? Personally, I'd probably enjoy it!

This was one of my personal real life encounters, the Sea Slug. We found about a dozen at South Padre Island once... and only once.

I found sea slugs in Florida snorkeling. As well as spider crabs too HA HA.

Howdy sir papa-pepper! Wow I didn't know there were big sea slugs! You don't eat those do you? lol. The spider crab would freak anyone out! They're a delicacy, I wonder how much they cost at a restaurant?

Holy crap that first one is pretty. That crab..might be a meal LOL!

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Howdy sir enginewitty! That would be something to order crab legs and they bring those out! lol.

I would love to have one of those Blue Dragons! Great share! Thanks!

Howdy sir garyd! I like that one too, the color is beautiful. Thanks so much for commenting, where bouts are you located?

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Howdy esteemapp! Thanks so much for the upvote!

Now THAT is a crab!!! Yikes!!!

That would feed a table of people I think! lol.

Now it’s time you show us the 44 tribes of Aliens from other galaxies!
But you have to get in the secret database! Ask Snowden for help!! LoL

lol..that's a good one sir kaminchan!


Here's another one...

lol! very good sir galenkp! I didn't know how much of one until I read smithlabs post about her, wow!

I know right? Certainly classifies as a strange critter. Although, probably also classifies as a victim of child abuse considering how she's being manipulated.

Very true, totally dysfunctional!

A sign of the times and of peope's inability to seek and see truth.

Yes sir. The majority of people are very easily manipulated by the masters of mass media.

That they are...And most are blissfully unaware of the manipulation...They're willing plugged into the Matrix.

Yes sir, well the Bible talks alot about that in the End Times events and we see how that is possible in this present area and they'll get even better at convincing in the coming years.

The horn on that thing—got dang! That’s a pretty big crab, @janton. What do you think of this one?


Whoa! lol..If that's for real then I think it beats all known records sir dandays! I wonder where that is? I suppose it's a google maps photo, then find some strange things.

Yes, google maps found that one. I watched the clip before, actually, but now I don’t remember. That link I sent you says UK but for some reason I thought it was Japan or China.

In the ocean, I remember that part and next to a loading dock, I didn’t forget that part, either. And big... really, really big, big enough to where it might not be an exciting encounter while scuba diving.

Happy new year, @janton. I would say “don’t be such a stranger” but I think it’s too late for that.

haha! no I won't be a strange, I've just been spending most of my time working offline and outside while the weather is nice so I've fallen way off my getting around to steemit posts.

Thanks for sharing Jonboy! Here's a few more amazing critters to look up when you get a chance:

The Dancing Peacock Spider
The Blue Footed Booby
Eastern Glass Lizard (I used to catch these in my backyard in Florida)
Black Dragonfish

Thanks sir Rainbow Man! By the sounds of those names they must be mighty strange indeed, I'm looking them up in a little while.

This world is such a fascinating place. I am always surprised at the diversity of life and beauty. These creatures are quite extraordinary. I would also not be surprised if there are more undiscovered creatures all around the world.

Howdy sir deepwater! I think you are right and we will see more of them discovered. Like you've said I think, parts of the oceans are largely unexplored aren't they?

In its majority yes. Although, there are big projects going to scan and map its topography.

That makes sense. I think that would be interesting work.

Hi janton, nature is amazing isn't it? My daughter had an Axolotl a number of years ago and he lived in her little aquarium. She and her friend learned that it likes to eat good fish because I received a photo of only the eye protruding from the Axoloti's mouth. She rang in such a state saying we are prising the black gold fish out of the hungry Axolot's' mouth. They did and from then on the Axolotl lived on his own, lol.

Oh wow, what a great story angiemitchell! lol..thank you.

Evenin’ Cowboy! That a weird collection of fastenating critters. My favorite is the angry samurai looking crab and the hammer headed bat.

I like the angry samurai crab but that bat is the ugliest thing I think I've seen, and it's huge! Imagine a flock of them coming at you!

Oh mine, creepy looking creatures.

I agree sir Vincent and thank you. There were actually some from Singapore but they were so horrible and scary I decided not to show them!

Ya, right. 😎

lol! What are your big New Years party plans?

None! It was a non event. It is just another day. I had a drink on my own, and played around on my computer. Not the best time to be out on a New Year's eve anyway. Hell of a job trying to catch the transport home.
I guess you will be toasting Mrs J to the New Year?
Happy New Year, Jonboy! May it be a great year for you! 😊

Oh since you are mr. socialite I thought you'd be out on the town! Mrs. J went to bed at 6:30 because she gets up at 3:30 for work so it was a non event for us too. It will indeed be a great year for me, I hope it will for you too sir Vincent!

Poor Mrs J. To have to wake up at such an unearthly hour. I bet you are still frolicking on Steem at that hour.

lol..well she has always been a super early riser. Her usual time is 4:00 or 4:30 so it just presses her a little. I used to stay up till 2am but these days I try to make it 1am. Did you stay up for the midnight hour on yesterday?

Hey @janton. Hope you are well. That looks cool, just like it's name, blue dragon 💙

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Nature is truly amazing... and then people question the existence of God. Have a great new year and may you be blessed in 2020.

Howdy anneke! Good to see you, I'm sorry I kind of lost track of you, I'll get back to your blog. Yes I agree, God's creation in all it's wonder and variety and beauty!

This is a great post @janton. Have a Happy New Year, Stay safe! 🙏


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Howdy sir wonderwop and thank you! Yes, I'm not doing a darn thing tonight so it'll be very safe. lol. You too, God bless you and yours!

Greetings Sir @janton, lovely critters here and we have the Ankole-Watusi cattle right here. If they also don't disappear as cattle thieves are very busy over the Christmas period. Read an article today that stated billions were lost by farmers across the country due to livestock losses. Cattle, sheep and goats.
We hope and pray that 2020 will be kind to you guys!

You mean people are stealing livestock because of hunger?

No my friend, for the December period feasts.

Oh..well that is bizarre! And I assume this happens every year?

And also during the year my friend!

I was afraid you were going to say that sir papilloncharity! What a shame.

Oh yeah, the days of the farmers in this country is counted my friend.

I would be forced to think about selling everything, even at a loss, and get out of there.

Howdy janton!
Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year!

Howdy joelai! Thank you so much! Did you post about your New Year's party or did you not have one?

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You are so right about the callous and greedy actions of mankind! So sad! This planet is so precious and so are all these creatures. Everyone should be grateful for having the opportunity be here and for being able to observe all the amzing creations of our Mother Earth. This is quite the collection that I never seen before, but thank to you I see it now. Let's hope they will be saved from extinction.

Howdy Miss Lena! So true and sad about these creatures that are threatened with extinction. But thinking of a happier topic, what did you do last night? Some kind of party?

I was just watching Netflix, lol. What did you do Janton?

Oh that sounds dreadfully boring Miss Lena. You should have commented to me so I could give you a hard time! lol..Well because Mrs. J. went to bed at 6:30 because she had to get up at 3:30am for work I just quietly worked on steemit and listened to the fireworks and gunfire going off.

It was fine but I sure could have used a beer or some wine!

Well I was fine, but poor Mrs.J!!! But I guess she must like her job, otherwise she wouldn't do it.

Well with a job like hers she doesn't have a choice of when she works but she actually wanted to work because of the holiday pay so it was fine. She does enjoy it though, even though it's a crazy place to work.

I know, she is a remarkable woman. And extra money is always needed too.!

Very true. Now if I could just convince her to invest some of it into Steem!

So.e of these animals are stramge and scary looking. I can't believe idiots kill them for decorations.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! I know, the research on these was very interesting but then depressing to realize man's depravity and short-sightedness in killing them off!

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Amazing creatures you have here @janton! That Hammer-headed Bat will give me nightmares and look at the size of that Japanese Spider Crab...OMG! My favorite is the Blue Dragon just because it is so smart. As I always say...nature never ceases to amaze me. I love this post! : )

Howdy Butterfly I'm so glad you liked it, God's creation is simply astounding. What are your plans for the weekend?