The Missing Link On Why People Don't Stick To New Year Resolutions


It's December.

It's the end of the year.

The new year is just around the corner.

Before you know it, you'll be drafting your New Year resolutions.

And here we go again.

Making promises to yourself that you will never keep.

Saying you'll do this or that, only to forget about it a few months later. What gives? Why is that? How come we can't stick to New Year resolutions?

Most people live their lives by idling through them. They act like they're happy with where they are (or at least pretend to be) and don't really try anything new or different because change means risk, and risk could mean failure which might lead to unhappiness... So why bother?

It's December

December is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. It’s a time to think about what you want to change in your life, and make plans for it. For many of us, it's also a time when we set New Year's resolutions for ourselves—after all, it's only once every 365 days that we have an excuse (and encouragement from others) to try something new.

The New Year Is Just Around The Corner

For some, it's a time to reflect on what went right and wrong over the past year, and make resolutions to improve upon areas that may have been lacking. For others, it's an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate that allows you to set goals and take action towards achieving them.

Either way, this is the perfect time of year for people who are looking for motivation or inspiration in their lives.

Most people don't create the time to reflect on their lives because they're busy doing other things but this time of the year creates the atmosphere to slow down and reflect on things.

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Making Promises To Yourself That You Will Never Keep

There are so many people who make resolutions every year, but don't stick with them long enough to see any results from them. This happens because there’s one thing missing from their resolutions: actionable steps that guide you through completing your goal, instead of just making them without knowing how you will achieve them or what comes next in order to succeed in achieving your goal.

Why do people make new year's resolutions that they will never keep?

The answer is quite simple: when you don't stick with a plan, it's because the plan was not created correctly or was not executed properly in the first place.

People make these resolutions because they want something different in their lives - but what many fail to realize is that making goals without a plan won't get them anywhere fast.

You need both in order for success: the goal must come first (the dream), then comes planning how you'll achieve your goal step by step in an organized manner that has been reviewed by someone else (your accountability buddy).

This way if something goes wrong along the way there's no 'panic attack' or getting derailed because someone else knows about it and will help guide through any rough patches instead of you just giving up when things get hard enough.

Saying you'll do this or that, only to forget about it a few months later

This is a common problem. The biggest thing is that people don't know what they want. They don't have a purpose, or if they do it's vague. So they make promises to themselves without any sort of plan or why behind them.

If I don't really know what it is that I'm promising myself, there's nothing keeping me from breaking the promise once it becomes inconvenient or boring.

What gives?

So what gives? Why do we get so disoriented when faced with a new year? The answer lies in our inability to make sense of the past—and more importantly, what it means for our future.

When we look back at the previous year with its highs and lows, successes and failures (or lack thereof), it can feel like a haze of confusion as we try to decipher what all those experiences mean for us now.

Our mind is left spinning around trying desperately to piece together some sort of coherent narrative out of all these random moments in time…but ends up coming up short every time!

Why is that?

This lack of clarity is the root cause for why many people fail to reach their goals.


Because they don't have a clear purpose in life, and they don't know what they want to do with their lives. They also don't know where they want to go with their lives and what they want out of life.

The missing link on why people don't stick to new year resolutions has everything to do with a lack of clarity surrounding our purpose in life, who we are as individuals, and how we can align our actions so that they line up with our values and beliefs.

It is important to have a clear purpose for everything you do because if you don't then it's just like running on an empty tank without any fuel to keep going forward.

Do you know what idling is? It's a state of being that is not active, but not resting either—you're just "there" doing nothing at all with your time or energy.

If you've ever gotten stuck doing mindless tasks at work instead of the thing that matters most, then you've experienced the frustration of idling firsthand.

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You might also know this feeling from when you're trying to read an article or watch TV and your mind wanders off into another direction...then another...and another...until suddenly an hour has passed without any progress on what you had intended to do (or even remember what it was).

In Conclusion

It turns out that lack of clarity is the factor—the missing link—we can focus on when we ask why so many people fail at their New Year's resolutions each year.

With a real clarity of purpose, we don't even need a new year's resolution. Because, we will wake up everyday ready to tackle the day and whatever life throws at us. This is because we will know where we're going and why we're going there.

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