[WE116] - Longer Working Hours And Three Day weekend

“Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have.” — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Traditionally the weekend is Saturday and Sunday, but what if you could have a three day weekend every week? Would you work longer hours for a three day weekend and if so why? If you prefer the two day weekend format and shorter work days, explain why.

Hello everyone it's my first post in the community although I was opportuned to read around, last weekend to ensure I understood the community as well as it's guidelines. To answer the question above, I've had experience over working different sectors and doing different jobs. I've had an experience where weekends were Sunday, that was the only I got to be at home with family (8am -7pm), I've also experienced working around the clock 7 days without leave, between hours of 6am - 9pm. Truth is, I didn't die but I had to forcefully adjust my body to understanding that it couldn't get the rest it needed.

So I've got a first hand knowledge of no - weekend jobs feel like and would readily adopt the 3 day weekend with longer working hours. When the mind registers that there is a particular time assigned for it to rest and is followed judiciously, it has of just adapting and adjusting to the new life. In developed countries where staffs work for about 5-8 hours a day, extending to about 12 with a three day is an excellent idea.

Why would I readily adopt this?

The Friday is for Muslim day of worship, and as Christians have gotten the privilege to have their worship day fall on a Sunday - which is a generally accepted except in Muslim countries, the Muslims should also be offered same, so as to have enough time for their worship.

Being that one would have to work around the clock on working days leaving no time for chores and house upkeep, Friday would be the most preferable for general cleanups, this would leave enough time to visit friends, go to the worship center and also enough time for a beauty sleep. It leaves one prepared for the new week to have all his/her acts together and not forgetting family time. If the idea is proposed, alot of perons may/may not agree although I'm quite convinced that the body needs longer resting hours.

I've had to miss out on several events that happened out of town because I couldn't meet up with travelling and arriving in time but I'm grateful to my boss, who was considerate this weekend to allow me have a 3 day weekend. I was supposed to travel a long journey to another state for a very good friends wedding at Anambra state. It was a 5 hour journey from my location but I'm so excited I could attend the event.

The bridal shower was so fun as I was the organizer. The ladies all put in their best, playing fun games, dancing and all eating. We asked the bride some questions about her groom of which she failed some of them.

The wedding was the epoc breaking event we all looked forward to. I reunited with a few friends as well but most importantly had fun.

I had a beautiful dress I designed and made all by myself. After office hours was dress making hours and I'm glad it came out beautifully.

I didn't have enough time to explore the town as I had to return in time to report to work tomorrow. Bringing to an end my 3 day weekend.

Thank you for visiting and reading and visiting my post.