Devatakhum: In that khum for thousands of centuries, there are gods sleeping!

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Debotakhum’s trail is as beautiful as it is chilling. In the rainy season, just as the trail will catch your eye, there is also a risk of slipping on the slippery, rocky path

Location: Devatakhum,Bandarban,Banglades

In Marma language, the word 'khum' refers to waterfall. Bandarban is termed the kingdom of all khums. Debotakhum is called the king of all khums. According to the locals, this khum is about 50 to 70 feet deep and 600 feet long which is much larger than Velakhum – the other nearby khum – and also much wilder.

Although the name is Debotakhum, no idol (statue of God) of the Hindu community is found here.

There is a story behind the name of the place.

According to the ethnic residents living here, there is an unnamed animal in this khum whose weight is more than 80 kg. Earlier, many people saw this creature with their own eyes in the khum's water but now people do not get to see it.
They consider this creature to be a God. In Bengali the word 'debota' means 'God' and for that reason, the name of this place is Debotakhum.
To get refreshed instantly on the weekends, we had chosen this place for a day trip. To go to Debotakhum, first we went to Bandarban from Dhaka by bus and then took a reserve CNG at Tk2,000 for the whole day. Before starting our journey by CNG we took permission from Rowangchhari Police Station and then headed towards the Kacchaptoli Army Camp.

We also took permission from the Army Camp at 10am and then the trek began. After one hour of trekking, we reached Shilbandha Para (Also known as Liragaon) and from there, we saw the boat station which was just 10 more minutes of walk.

We hired a boat which took Tk150 per person with a life jacket. There was also a strong bamboo raft available to ride. Maximum two persons are allowed on the raft and eight persons in the boat.

Debotakhum's trail is as beautiful as it is chilling. In the rainy season, just as the trail will catch your eye, there is also a risk of slipping on the slippery, rocky path. There is no noise except for the rushing water, and no mobile network.
The path goes through the middle of two hills which you have to pass by raft. This path may remind you how beautiful the path to heaven would be.

Being in the middle of two big hills, Debotakhum is very dark on the inside. The surroundings are so mysterious and silent that it will give you a feel of real adventure.

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