Simon Says How Scientific Fraud took the World Hostage

Dr. Simon Goddek is an eminent scientist. According to Google Scholar his papers on aquaponics have been cited thousands of times. Despite being the editor of a respected scientific journal and expert on peer review, when he blew the whistle on obvious fraud in the peer review process regarding a paper that was published on PCR testing for Covid19 he was fired from his job(s), debanked, and even was threatened by armed thugs (police) for doing his duty.

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Brave Summarizer:

"Dr. Simon Goddek is a biotechnologist, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and citizen journalist. He is a 2023 Brownstone Fellow and the CEO of Sunfluencer.23 Dr. Goddek was fired from various universities in Europe during the pandemic for publishing an academic paper on how Vitamin D could potentially treat Covid.2 In 2021, he raised concerns about the unusually rapid peer-review approval process of Covid PCR tests, concluding in a Twitter thread that the process was rigged.0 Dr. Goddek is dedicated to promoting health and self-sufficiency.3 He holds a PhD in biotechnology and systems thinking and follows a multidisciplinary scientific approach.1"

I recommend having a read at the link to Dr. Goddek's blog detailing the reason he spoke out and the blatant fraud in the peer review and publishing of Covid19 research. His actions certainly indirectly contributed to my understanding that has enabled me to avoid succumbing to that fraud, and his response to totalitarian oppression demonstrates the power modern technology gives each and every person on Earth to defy overlords and create the coming age of freedom and prosperity.

I have waxed long and prosaic regarding decentralization of the means of production. I have advocated adopting aquaponics and self sufficiency. Dr. Goddek has done it on a remote hilltop in a Brazilian forest. I have done my best to reveal scientific fraud and the crimes against humanity committed in the push to force all humanity to become medical test subjects for evil overlords, but I am merely following Dr. Goddek's lead and example.

When scientific fraud is official government policy, humanity suffers horrific harm. Dr. Simon Goddek sacrificed everything that we might avoid that harm, and then demonstrated how the economic infrastructure of the world can be built back better to prevent the imposition of a global technocratic totalitarian tyranny based on fraud and medical profiteering. In the transformation of society, Dr. Goddek has been a critical lynchpin on which freedom and prosperity have securely depended. If we all stand up for truth, justice, and liberty as he has, we will utterly transcend overlords and usher in a golden age of prosperity that will bless our posterity in perpetuity.

Here is the example I can hold up for us all to follow.