RE: Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Thanks for covering this and your continued support, plus for being you!
One thing that the COVID drama and also my own personal evolutionary journey has made clear to me is that it's not healthy to shy away from power in society. It's one thing to avoid power struggle and conflicts, which is a good idea - but it's definitely possible to go too far the other way and not step into power on a societal level. The net result of this is that other people take more and more of our power and we end up in a place where there's nothing we can do to live in a sane way.

I think that building real world change that was powered by decentralised social media is a secret sauce to getting what's needed out of projects like Hive. When the underlying philosophy of decentralisation manifests into 'real life' after having been inspired by such projects online, there's a good chance that more people will take notice and come to the online space to check out where it all started.

I think a layer 2 project for 'truth' and even scientific studies as NFTs would be a good idea. I also think that a layer 2 project that focuses on real world change (maybe all part of the same thing) would be great too. When I get more time I will dive more deeply into the 3speak light paper for the SPK network because I am told that their moves are aimed at making all of this easier, fairer and cheaper.

Let's manifest our heart's desires into form without hesitation! :)