Highs and Lows - Poem



My life is crammed with highs and lows.
It has ups and downs, It's like a drowning ship,
Do you see the tears in my eyes?
Do you see the pain in my smiles?

One minute I've got it all worked out,
Next minute I'm down having all these doubts thrown at my face.
I remember these lines, I've been here before,
Highs and lows. I don't want to be stuck in this loop.

I am trying my best but no one sees,
Should I keep trying or should I just freeze?.
What if I'm not enough and it's all lies,
What if I fall again and I never rise.

What if I love and no one loves me back,
Should I keep loving or should I take it back?.
What if I'm just a loser in the end,
And I have no one so dear to call my friend.

Got so many dreams, can I pull them through?
What if I don't make it, what should I do?
Can't find me, it's like I've got no clue.
Tell me who I am, I want to hear from you.

Dad's voice rings 'Son, you cannot afford to fail'
I pass by my fans and I hear them hail.
They've got faith in me but I'm scared I'd fall,
Highs and lows. I'm only human after all.

I'm a sucker for love I must confess,
I told myself I'm strong but then I guess,
Even the strong ones have their moments too,
Highs and lows. When life knocks you down. Stand up and fight because it's never the end.

Thanks for reading my poem.


Yes, highs and lows are everywhere. We can not afford to fail. So stand up and do your best.
Good to read your poem.