Meet Prestige and Power. The trouble makers


I always plan to have a dog but I find it difficult because of my busy schedules. Dogs need care like humans and I don't have the time to take care of myself then move to dogs.

However, 1 month ago my brother got Power & Prestige. They were only 2 months old then and they look pretty cute. Immediately I started visiting my brother more to see them and play with them. So they are getting used to me than my brother.

Power & Prestige two months ago

They were a bit calm at first but we knew that the caucasian, Prestige is too active and rough. She plays too much and she always tries to cheat Power.

They live in the same house and the only time they fight is when they give them food. Prestige will be barking and she always tries to scare Power away but Power always fights for his right. Power is just a calm guy but Prestige is influencing him to be aggressive and rough.

They are three months and few days old now.


I have been trying to take this girl picture for days but it has been hard because she won't stay put. She will try to lick the phone or do something funny. I had to put her in the car to take a few dirty shots because she was trying to get down.



She was already trying to force herself down here. I had to let go. She is just 3 months and I imagine what they will be doing in 8 months.



Power is learning from Prestige and he is behaving like Prestige but he is still a bit calm compare to Prestige. He stood still a bit when I put him in the car but Prestige was busy barking so that I will put him down. She is always jealous.



I love them because they will grow to be very active and aggressive. They are security and pets. So the purpose of having them will be met.

I will be posting about them as they grow.

Thanks for reading.

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