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🥦Mizuo’s Travel Blog🥦No.52 - Campeche, Mexico 🇲🇽 - Nov. 2023 by @mizuosemla

📍Campeche, Mexico

Bread for the Day of the Dead Please check my previous blog about the trip in Campeche! I moved to Osaka in February and was really flustered after returning home. I spent more time than I thought I would in adjusting myself to the procedures and new life back

Mexican Kitchen: Freemantle, AUSTRALIA by @bengy

📍Western Australia, Australia

Well, this must be the most uninspiring name ever... but at least it is sort of descriptive! You are definitely getting Mexican food here! Anyway, we dropped into this place after a long hot sightseeing tour in Freemantle... the kids were complaining, and they were hungry... but not hungry... and thirsty... but not really thirsty. We had food

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