Europe - Weekly Round-Up #326


Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Europe roundup!

Europe as a travel destination has so much to offer, sometimes it's kind of hard what country or city to choose for your next vacation. Get inspired by the following travel articles shared on TravelFeed and learn about some of the best spots of the continent.

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A view of Madrid from the dome of the Almudena Cathedral by @juancar347

📍Community of Madrid, Spain

A good way to enjoy a cosmopolitan, open and conservative city, as far as its ancient traditions are concerned, such as Madrid without a doubt, involves contemplating it, also, from the most genuine of its monumental heights and for that, nothing better than letting yourself be carried away by the charm of seeing it from the perspective of the

Unveiling the Beauty of Zaovine Lake on Tara Mountain: A Nature Lover’s Paradise by @bil.prag

📍Central Serbia, Serbia

Zaovine Lake - Tara Mountain Zaovine Lake (Zaovinsko jezero) is an artificial lake located on the Tara Mountain in western Serbia. It was created between 1975 and 1983 as a reservoir for the Bajina Bašta II reversible hydro power plant. Zaovine Lake Zaovine Lake lies at an altitude of 892 meters and the max depth of it is 110 meters, but the depth

A Taste of Valencia: A Journey Through Sights and Flavors by @wnfdiary

📍Valencian Community, Spain

Hello and welcome back to all Hive travelers. When someone asks me about my favorite city, I always stutter. There are so many and it is hard to pick the best one. However, there is one city that comes to my mind quite often in the matter of this question. I am talking about Valencia. Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, is a vibrant blend of

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