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Big Dog Bone Implements New Measures to Ensure Fair Play


@bigdodbone is implementing new measures to ensure that all players have a fair and equitable experience in the game. This includes prohibiting the use of multiple accounts, which the game takes very seriously.

Players have several options to comply with this new policy, including transferring additional accounts to friends or family members outside their IP address, migrating NFTs to their main account, or deactivating additional accounts.

This is a natural measure that blockchain games take to preserve the long term future of their economies, so we're happy to read the team cares about it!

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Psyber-X Announces Its First Official Tournament in Collaboration with OLA Games


Get ready for the first official Psyber-X tournament in collaboration with OLA Games. The tournament runs for four weekends starting on March 11th, 2023, and offers a chance to win Psybercrates.

Final placement is determined by the number of kills achieved during the tournament, and kills only count if achieved during a game with at least four players.

Tournaments are always a super clever initiative to bring on some spicy momements when we talk about gaming communities! So we really hope to see some good competition in this first tournament!!

Hope you can join, remember you can find free keys for psyberX in their discord!

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Infernal Coliseum Partners With Freshkings To Gift Real Clothing To Their Players!


Infernal Coliseum has teamed up with the super cool clothing brand, TheFreshKings, to bring you an amazing collaboration that you don't want to miss! For a limited time, when you spend $100 in chests from Infernal Coliseum, you will receive a coupon for a free product in TheFreshKings store.

This is a really creative way for both a clothing store brand and a blockchain game project to offer something unique to both of their communities! Remember you have until the next sunday to claim your free product :) !

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Join The Weekly SQM Discount And Start Your Journey!

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 22.18.33.png

Get ready for weekly discounts on SQM tokens! The CryptoCompany CEO game is offering a 10% discount on SQM purchases every Friday, giving you the perfect start in the game and solid returns. SQM is used to buy land plots and furnishings in the game, and for holding SQM tokens you'll be awarded with CCPower!

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Liu Chuan Shin Joins The Cryptoshots Team!!

Such an incredible artist has just joined the @cryptoshots.nft team with a high quality background in @splinterlands and even Street Figther! Stay tuned for the upcoming stunning visuals that this announcement will bring to the cryptoshots community!

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 22.22.04.png

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New buildings and updates on Dcity!

@dcitygame introduces a new Modern Home building combines construction, basic automation, basic accounting, and a free internet connection, offering a tax refund and increasing popularity. Also, experiments and student education now cost 200 and 100 SIM, respectively.


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Hashkings launched the compilation of updates of february!

The Hashkings team has been busy improving the gaming experience with the launch of new systems and UI updates, as well as exciting events and airdrops for players. The roadmap for February includes the launch of the new forge and merge systems, a new XP store, and more. Stay tuned for future updates from the Hashkings team as they continue to work towards their goals.


Try the game here!

OCD and SKATEHIVE Dropped $700 In Prizes On Their Last Contest

The @skatehive Community has recently added 3 days more to their Quest For Stoken contest, where participants have the opportunity to play and review the upcoming 2D platformer game. With over $700 worth of Hive prizes up for grabs, the community was eager to test their skills and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

Keep an eye out for the official launch of Quest For Stoken, set to be play-to-earn with Hive integration by the end of the year.



Peakmonsters Introduces ASSETS BIDS For Splinterlands

@PeakMonsters now offers BIDS feature for non-card Splinterlands assets, allowing users to save time and money when making purchases. The feature is made possible thanks to the support of the @Splinterlands team.

Placing BIDS on assets is simple, with the BID button available on any view mode. Just input the bid price and quantity, hit confirm, and wait for the fill. Check out your existing bids on your profile or the Assets Market page. Get ready to score some great deals on non-card Splinterlands assets!

Try the game here!


Join the Elite Club of 99ers and Get Your Hands on the Coveted Globe of Power!

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 21.15.54.png

The exclusive Club of 99ers on @cryptocompany is almost full and the winning item for members, as voted by the community, is the impressive Globe of Power. Hurry and join now to secure your spot and receive this sought-after collector's item, along with 500 CCPower and a chance to win one of ten exclusive cars.

Simply write "+CCSUB" in the comments of the post to join and be part of this elite group.

Play the game here

Spread Love and Earn Rewards: Exciting February Updates from Hashkings Team


Join the ongoing love and fun in Hashkings' February activities! Participate in the "Story of Love" activity for a chance to win 100 HIVE and a mysterious prize. Earn points for the Cupid Avatar Set and join daily discussions with a chance to win awesome items!

Try the game here!

A New Set Of Cards Is Coming To Rising Star

As every month, more cards of @risingstargame will be announced in an even within their discord! Expanding even more their stunning collection of NFT cards. So you can't miss it!

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PsyberX is running a Crates Giveaway!

@psyberx is giving away free Psybercrates to holders of LVL tokens. Simply hold 200K LVL in your wallet at the time of the random snapshot, and you'll receive one free crate for every 200K LVL up to 1 Million LVL.

You could earn up to 5 crates per month. Hurry, snapshots will be taken in March and April!


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Monster March: Join SplinterlandsTV for a chance to win big prizes


Get ready for their biggest promotion to date, Monster March! Starting on March 1st, tune in to SplinterlandsTV and listen to the streamer's instructions for a chance to win over 2000 cards, including gold foil Scarred Llama Mage. With up to 5 prizes per stream and Clip of the Week contest, there are more chances for everyone to win.

Try the game here!

The Splinterlands townhall is on fire!


Get ready for a slew of new features and exciting changes coming to Splinterlands! In this Company Update, we're discussing the latest developments, from Season Rentals to Ranked Changes, and more. Plus, Lillyfire Support has some tips for reporting issues and claiming rewards.

Try the game here!

New End Of Seasons Rewards On Infernal Coliseum


Top Infernal Coliseum players received exclusive rewards this season! With the layered rewards system, players earned XP and the top 15 received special rewards such as Avatar packs, EXP tokens and Forge tokens. Keep playing to be the next warrior on the leaderboard and earn your own exclusive rewards.

These are rewards provided by the layered rewards program built by Hashkings!

Try the game here!

Hashkings Announces Its Upcoming Referral Program


Hashkings has introduced a quite big affiliate program with high and juicy rewards of up to 25% of referral share. Also announced a new HK menu and a super leaderboard with rewards for the best referrals out there!

Try the game here!

The Chaos Legion Set Is Saying Goodbye!

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 18.38.12.png

In a recent tweet the @splinterlands team remembered us that their latest set of cards will not longer be sold and that you're still on time to participate in the sale leaderboard. The more packs you buy, the higher prizes you will get!

Try the game here!

KOD: Exciting Updates and Bonuses for Duelists!

image (14).png

Exciting news, duelists! KOD game brings big improvements, including new UI and interface changes, game board upgrades and combat animations, and lowered prices for rare and common cards. Plus, new bonuses for loyal players, a new referral system, and a chance to win green essence with the new Green Amulet. Don't miss out!

Try the game here!

KOD has been added to HIVE.IO!!

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 21.58.49.png

KOD is now accessible through the most famous HIVE portal giving the KOD community a higher and wider exposure to more users on HIVE! Which means we will see more players joining them soon!

Try the game here!


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