I chose love


When choosing a person, choose based on one mindset.
I don't care how much education he has, how many positions he has, and how much he earns in a month, and what he owns, because he feels irrelevant.
When asked what kind of race you would choose
I am ...
If I do not lose my dignity because of him ....
If I don't get embarrassed because of him, that's fine.
It's enough not to be upset with him ....
He always said that if he could think like me, he would get it.
I myself choose a person and I think about what I do and what I do for him.
You have to wait patiently.
In real life, love alone is not enough.
Real life is not fiction.
Never stop a room ...
Someone has come into your life
I do not just say I love you
He must enter his family at some point. .
We need to find out if he and I are related to his family.
In the end, he will one day be a role model for his children.
That's why I choose the mood.
How much does a person love you?
How much can he make you happier than not loving?
How much can you support your life?
Think more about how much you care about yourself with your thoughts.
Do you know how a person with a strong mind can build his future?
He knows how to keep his image.
I just want someone who is valuable.
I love myself.
I love you .. I can not do this.
Someone who keeps his values ​​in mind that I do not break the rules.
I have to make you proud of myself.
I want you to be proud of yourself too.
That does not mean you must fail.
You already know about the world.
However, due to unsatisfactory issues
I will not be upset, so I will choose only those who are full of mind.
There is a long way to go in life.
There are many difficulties that we can overcome only if we have a clear mind.