Different values


Two bamboos in one bamboo factory.
One became a wolf.
The other one is a row of clothes.
The clothesline asked the disgruntled wolf.
My son and I were in the same bamboo grove and I was in the air and it was worthless.
Why are you so expensive ???
The wolf replied.
You only get stabbed once.
I have been stabbed many times and I have been praised for my masterpiece.
Then the wardrobe went silent and I thought of something.
Is it because everyone who has high value has suffered many injuries?
The same is true of human life.
The pain of overcoming many obstacles
The loneliness of not being able to understand
Punishment for taking responsibility under harsh conditions
The tragedy of meeting life due to the fate of life
Life is worth living only if you can overcome all kinds of hardships with a smile.
So do not become envious if you see others succeeding.
Because he has more to pay.


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