Babymoon at O'reillys Rainforest Retreat



Hi hivers! Been a bit quiet on here as there has been alot going on the last few months.. But here's a quick recap of what's been happening!

Firstly @vcclothing and I are expecting a lil one due in April so have been busy trying to prepare for him. Then we had our first real taste of Covid here in Queensland when they opened up our domestic borders in mid December of last year... And covid cases just exploded over the Christmas / New Years period! Since then the cases have slowed down and it's become more manageable.

Luckily though we managed to avoid it and still do an end of year trip with a van life adventure.


Which was super awesome and I'll write some blogs about when I finally get a chance!

And then the past couple of weeks have brought some crazy weather and lots of storm activity to South east Queensland (and now NSW too!)


Where we have unfortunately seen major widespread flooding from Gympie in Qld all the way down to Sydney!

It just so happens that all this crazy weather coincided with me finishing up work and our Baby-Q! But with some last minute cleanup and tweaks to the original plan we managed to pull it off.


Now with all of that behind us we are finally enjoying a few nights away for our Babymoon!

So for our check list on what we wanted for our Babymoon was -

  • Somewhere we could chill
  • Somewhere out in nature
  • Somewhere romantic
  • Somewhere that has a day spa
    And probably most importantly...
  • Somewhere not too far from home just in case bub decided to arrive early!

With all this in mind we thought where better to spend it then at O'reillys Rainforest retreat!


O'reillys is located on the O'reillys plateau in the Lamington National Park.


It's on top of Green mountain which lives up to its name and is surrounded by lush rainforest and wildlife.


It also has its own day spa, plenty of walking tracks and activities so what more could we want!?


But just a heads up, the drive up to the O'reillys plateau is pretty long and windy... And our poor car started to overheat about half way up.

@vcclothing was driving it like a racecar though which probably had something to do with it haha.


But after pulling aside and letting it cool down we were on our way again! We arrived in one piece and get checked in.

Since we were treating ourselves we booked one of the self contained mountain villas...


Which had everything you would want or need for a lil getaway and then some..


It certainly did not disappoint! Check out this view 😍


We stayed here for three relaxing nights and while here managed to do a few hikes, check out some of the wildlife shows as well get some pampering in!

Which was just how we wanted to spend our last lil getaway as just the two of us ❤

Now most of the longer walks were closed because of track damage caused by the recent storms.

But there were still alot of the shorter easier grade walks that were still open.

Which suited me just fine as being nine months pregnant didn't really want to be doing too many strenuous hikes haha.


The treetops walks is always a favourite. It starts off by walking along the Booyang board walk.


Then you veer off to the Tree top walk where you cross nine suspension bridges through the tree canopies.


Just a word of warning, being a suspension bridge the walk way moves a lot! Which might catch you off guard the first time you walk across..


Especially since some sections are 15 meters from the ground. It is also advised that there only be 6 people at a time per span of bridge.


The tree top walk is a one way circuit and ends near the entrance of the mountain gardens.


The mountain gardens is also known as Green Mountain botanical gardens. It is an easy walk along intertwining paths and features alot of the trees that can be found through Lamington National Park.

Some other pregnant friendly walks we did were to Mick's Tower and Python Rock. With the latter having this epic view of Moran's Falls 😍


O'reilly's sits at 1000m above sea level so is usually 5 - 8 degrees cooler than Brisbane or the Gold Coast.


But luckily for us it was still warm enough for a dip in this amazing infinity pool!


This was the perfect place to cool off after a walk...


... And was also a great spot to watch the sunset 🌄


Included in our stay was an early morning bird walk but unfortunately we didn't make that as we slept in every morning! Haha well they do say sleep while you can so we figured we should take the sleep while we still could.

We did however make it to the wildlife encounter (also included) which was at a more suitable time for us.


Here we got up close with a cockatoo, blue tongue lizard and some very shy squirrel gliders.


Also checked out the birds of prey show. Which was pretty cool. It featured a barn owl, barking owl, falcon and sea eagle.


And what's a Babymoon without some kind of pampering for the parents to be?

So we treated ourselves to the Babymoon couples experience at the Lost World Day spa!


Which included a one hour couples massage, steam room, food platter and take home candle.


We also found an awesome spot called Hidden Gully which we thought would be the perfect place to do a maternity shoot!...


This place looks like a magical fairy land and is used for weddings. So we thought we'd take advantage of the beautiful scenery and early morning light to try and get some nice shots!


@vcclothing still has to go through them all and edit them properly but I'm pretty stoked with this sneak peek of one 💚

As all good things must come to an end our Babymoon was over in a blink of an eye!

But grateful we got to spend an awesome few days together before we embark on our greatest adventure yet.... Parenthood!


Wish us luck, I think we'll need it 😂
Thanks for stopping by ✌😊


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I saw the caper's photo, the sunrise was cool. the sun is like peeking😊


Haha yes it does look like the sun is playing a peek a boo 😆🌄🌇🌅🧡


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