Rose-ringed Paraket.


The breed of parrot gets its name from the rose ringed around its neck. Its main foods are crops, fruits, and nuts .
However, coldness has significantly increased over the time and the food crops are not much of available around the area. Everyday parrots are swinging from place to place to collect food and have something. After few months the maize season usually brings the attention of parrots in the farmland. The bird is one beautiful little birds with green textures and a red beak.



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Parrots usually love traveling in groups and travel in search of their foods. They are not migratory but they do hover around in search of foods in the local region. Parrots are often caged and kept for human entertainment as they could speak some words if taught. Sometimes , also one of the most non-loved birds by farmers during crop season.
No matter the situation, in the end it gets all the love from the people.