i59 Pearl White Acoustic - Addition in my Inventory



Hello everyone, today I have bought a i59 Pearl White Acoustic . Lets know some what about i59 Pearl White Acoustic Nft. i59 Pearl White Acoustic NFT is a music instrument which belongs to Guitar Lesson.



Those who are new here and do not know about Guitar Lesson, Guitar lesson is the 2nd Music Lesson in the Row out of total 7 types of Music Lessons.


To Start Guitar lesson, your level should be atleast 10, minimum 10 fans and 40% energy.


If you want to get more skill reward from any music lesson then you should collect all instruments of that music lesson only. There are total 22 guitar instruments till now in rising star game which are shown below


Following are the features of i61 Sunset V Guitar

  • Luck 5
  • Supply 8000 continue ( this time )
  • common card

Now I have a i59 Pearl White Acoustic in my inventory


Thanks for reading and support.

Note:- All images used in this post are taken from Rising Star Game.


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