Large numbers of heart problems in people under thirty

Heart Attacks in Your Twenties?

The latest affect of Climate Change has now struck and...


... wait. That can't be right!

But if you believe that masks stop viruses, while the box says they specifically do not. Then it makes total sense! You need not read any further.

Now that the minority o f human tape recorders are gone, I wanted to talk about health authorities in France. The HAS is recommending that people under thirty avoid the Modification of their eRNA because scarring of the heart, myocarditis, clotting and strokes have become the norm rather than a rarity in the country.

France is not the first to do this

France, mind you, is one of the top ten most nazi-like regimes that have evolved over the last two years. Before covid, they had another two year period where over a hundred thousand were arrested for protesting draconian control tactics instituted by Macron - the protests had run for about a year and a half non-stop, mostly on weekends and people called them the "yellow vest" protests. Covid shut all that down and now the attempts to squash freedom are ten times more nazi like, "Your papers please" - if you will.

Since then, Dictator Dan and Fidel Trudeau have far surpassed France in the Nazi look alike contest.

I personally know of zero people who even sought the opinion of a doctor in the last two years for real or suspected covid infections. Many said they think they had Covid but are not sure.

"It seemed like the flu with a bit more flem..."

I personally know of over twenty people who have been hospitalized, had surgery for clots, or have died from the RNA Modification i\Injection.

I have had every vaccine that was required over the course of my life but when I read about the "technology" they were using for these injections, I knew that these did not meet the definition of a vaccine.

Don't worry though. They changed the definition of vaccine on all the digital dictionaries.

It's all good!

Sorry this is not much of an investigative piece, but I am @steemrant and I react to recent news with a lot of logical thinking. The world is short on that stuff lately
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