Basics Understanding of Vlogging


Web 3.0 is touted to be the future of internet. A new space for decentralized blockchain world. Social media platform is full of quality content and web 3.0 is going to boost them more.
Web 3.0 brings more user to different platforms and allows users to showcases their talent at no cost. As we are slowly adapting and moving towards the new era of technology, it is important that all new user learn some basics of vlogging.
Even #Hive allows users to make interesting videos #dtube #threespeak allows user to make interesting content and earn rewards.


V logging is an art, where you will present your thought and views or talent through videos. It is not easy for someone to straight forward comes in front of camera and make videos. It take a lot of confidence and guts to seat in front of camera and make videos. When I stepped into vloggig world, it was kind of scary and challenging. The more you try to focus on your thought or contents you will get distracted with the thought of your appearance. In case you making videos, through mobile phone, then it adds to your woes as you will see your own appearance.

To Do

It is important that while making video, keep your focus towards the camera lens rather than the camera picture. Or you can focus somewhere on the screen where you will not get distracted. Make sure your eyes meet the camera as any wayward eyes movement doesn't makes up a good video.


Once you done with making videos. It is important to go through it, and watch them carefully. To make vlogs better and get good reviews and response you need to be clear with your views and thoughts. To make your vlogs attractive, it is important you should edit it. Adding little bit of background music or making videos attractive with other tools. There are many free mobile apps available to do editing. It is child's play, when you comes to using these apps. Powerdirector, kinematic, video.editor etc are many such apps that help you edit your content.

These apps have their paid subscription as well, with some additional features. But those were for the professionals.

Types of v-logging

Vlogging can be of 3 types, Firstly, where you make a solo video and shares your thoughts and views. It is like face 2 face talking. Secondally, it is like making interesting content, without coming in front of camera. You went to park and make videos, and shares them adding your voice etc. Thirdly, is most difficult of all. Making videos in public. Public vlogging is not an easy things, as you keep distracted with so many stuffs.


Thumbnails defines your content. It may be a picture or a words or bothe. But it must be subjective to your content. Do not make un related Thumbnails. You can use your own camera tools or make use of other apps available on phone.


The most important aspect of vlogging is to make your content reach to maximum viewer. So it is important that while making g your content avoid all kind of distraction. You can choose an isolated place and speak up freely..

Hope these tips allow user to add on some more varsity on your existing talent and pitch in to a ew world of videography.


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