Dying Light Platinum - Nintendo Switch - Part 1 -

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I apologize for the chopping video, I found the problem, and the next part I upload is fixed, I skipped a few parts due to this for the next upload.

The other day we uploaded some live streaming of dying light I'm not sure if it was even working correctly we got to get the mic working and get the live stream actually going correctly but it all now be on the sky buds account any Skyline skybuds gaming account anyway and this is the first intro to dying light platinum edition on the Nintendo switch


When it comes to this game, soon as I turn it on I was actually quite surprised. BY the graphics for being a switch some of the resolutions aren't the best some on the images like logos are best but the generalized graphics are actually pretty damn good for the switch, for this being a PS4 game.

How to start off we get dropped out of an airplane and you land in Harran, from there we get the shit kicked out of you by some dudes aka rais' men, They smash you in the face with a pipe but you manage to grab your gun and shoot one of them in the face.

After that point, We got attacked by a couple of zombies, after a few seconds we get some help from an NPC called jade and amir, This point we get up and run but amir doesn't make it very far, and gets eaten by some zombies.


I am still working on how to load images from the switch, I am thinking I have to remove the memory card and put it in the PC but I don't want it to format so some research is in order to get images loaded.

For anyone that hasn't played the first dying light, it's an amazing game I really recommend it even with the second one it's really really recommended.

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