MSP Curation on DIY Posts [03.06.2023].




Here I am publishing another weekly curation report of Top five DIY posts that I've found for Minnowsupport Curation Project.

I will be doing curation on five DIY related posts every Friday for MSP-Curation. MSP-Curation is part of the Minnowsupport project under the motto "Peace, Abundance, Liberty" (PAL) and this project have dedicated themselves to supporting all Hive users and especially the newer ones, to the minnows.

Info collected from a post of ylich.

I was asked about the theme on which I'm comfortable to do the curation then I suggested DIY related posts as I normally like to write DIY content and I will have less issues in searching for DIY contents.

I will select five undervalued DIY related posts every Friday and they'll get upvoted by msp-curation, minnowsupport and will get reblogged by msp-curation.

My selections for this week -

  1. Keychains to give to dad as a gift

    by jorgelissanchez
    Category: Paperwork

  2. Little Bee With Honey (Powe Up Day)
    by gaboamc2393
    Category: Pottery work.

  3. Beautiful and creative tendrils

    by emmaris
    Category: Jewelry Making

  4. Pen decorated with a nature theme

    by jorgelissanchez
    Category: Paperwork

  5. Blooming Whiskers - Adorable Cat Colored Pencil Drawing

    Category: Drawing

Please do visit the selected posts and show them some appreciation with an upvote or a cute comment.

That's it.
See you next week.