Orion Protocol Position In Network Security (BE SAFU)


It is important to know that the trustless nature of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology we see has led to a shift in the digital world. What do I mean by this statement? Have you taken a moment to check how executing transactions via small programs called smart contracts is made possible when you consider cryptocurrencies like BNB & ETH with countless new applications using these assets for their transactions? As the growth of DeFi increases daily, because this ecosystem is revolutionising traditional financial services by founding them on a decentralized infrastructure, building a platform with maximum security is highly important.


Let’s See Through Orion Protocol Position in Network Security

As DeFi applications allow users to interact without losing their wallet key, still, there are records of hacks in some protocols and the project lost all the assets. Early January 2022, Orion Protocol released Deep Dive, a bridge that enables users to trade native assets across different, a bridge that enables users to trade native assets across different blockchains without limits, delays, refused orders, blocked funds, or exploits.

Bridge in DeFi depends majorly on centralized entities and validators, you swap with one counterparty. Orion Protocol, with a record of different exploits in crypto space, delivered a platform that protects users from exploits and allows them not to lose ownership of their tokens until they receive the corresponding token on their chosen network.
The unique features of true cross-chain and cross-exchange liquidity aggregation that Orion enabled become a product to reckon with in the crypto space as the first step in marketwide interoperability.

Next Move By OrionProtocol Team

March 2022 has been a great month for the Orion Protocol team as they work together with the security company to collaborate with them and make crypto/blockchain space a safer arena for users and crypto enthusiasts.

Welcome Orion CEO Alexey Koloskov to Lossless Security Committee as Orion Protocol partners with Lossless to build a secure future for DeFi.Read More

As for Orion Protocol, fingers are crossed at what the team is set to do in future. With a clear understanding of the project as a single point of access to the crypto market, the team will always introduce a better way of serving their user and protecting the crypto/blockchain space.

You can learn more about the whole ecosystem to see clearly the vision and mission statement of Orion Protocol.

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