Trade-free is a future


I will wait 2 more days to see if we can do anything about Kdenlive so that I can work again on TROM II, after which I will wait some 24h to open my original project and try to fix a few things for the first part, then try to perhaps split the project so I can work on the second part.

Please whoever waits for the documentary, do not! :D - Honestly. TROM II Documentary will bring nothing new to the table. It is simply to make it easier and more engaging maybe for people to grasp the same message. The importance of the TROM project is its message: trade is the origin of most problems. And we have lots of books about that and we will create more. We will make more videos and tools. We already have some 30-40 websites that are about this new trade-free approach...

The documentary will be released eventually but I am doing a lot of other things for TROM in parallel.

You know at times I feel a bit "guilty" that I have not produced any new content for the past 2-3 years. But I have done a lot of projects. Started and Massive projects. And improved the current projects like or Also the and its directory. I've been trapped in the software world for the past few years. But I should not feel guilty about that. It is fine. I have created a ton of content for the past years and I have kick-started TROM II recently.

This is a life-long journey...I will for sure write a massive book about the Human Behavior, one about AA World Revised with a strong emphasis on how technology is deceiving and sold to us by the rich as the problem solver; a huge book about Science and so forth. We have a lot to discover and build. Whoever stays with me on this journey, it is a pleasure to journey with them.

I am also financially destroyed for the past 1-2 years and it is insane to even think I can continue from this perspective. A few people saved me and the projects for the past years and I do not want that to continue in this way. I'd like to see more people supporting us financially in smaller amounts. The projects do not cost more to keep them alive. Some 50 Euros a month all of them. But to make backups, improve them, maintain them, create new stuff, and so forth, it costs at least 1 human. Me. And Me needs food, shelter, internet, and the basic needs met. Else Me can't do anything and these projects will erode and not work anymore.