The origin of the most problems

This journey, if properly understood, can give birth to
one of the most significant ideas in human history, if
not the most significant one. It sure sounds like an
extraordinary claim, but we will provide
extraordinarily well sourced evidence throughout this
book. There will be no wishful thinking in this book,
and no hard-to-grasp language.
We are trying to showcase how one single thing, just
one, creates most of our problems regardless of
societies, cultures, and eras: from famine to wars,
from data collection to abuse, from crimes to climate
change, from corruption to poor quality goods and
services, and so forth. It is like a force that pushes
people to behave destructively, but much like a fish
being pushed by the water current not asking about
the water or the current, humans may not
understand this force despite it being everywhere
and influencing them on a daily basis.
Once this is understood, solutions will follow. Once
solutions follow, society will change.
This book is also the start of a new direction for
TROM, one that is sharply defined and has real
implications in day-to-day life, providing a serious
path forward towards greatly improving our society.
It has the ingredients to showcase how organizations
like TROM can work together in a decentralized way
to bring such a change.
If the origin of most problems is to be tackled, then
most problems will disappear.
Embark, enjoy, educate.