The blame game

The blame game

First they blamed the gods, then they blamed the kings. Then they blamed the politicians and the rich, and at times the others, or even themselves. And now they blame social media and algorithms.

But it was none's fault.

Gods do not exist. Kings want more for themselves because of an inherited practice of winning the game of trade, on the backs of enslaved humans. Their values were distorted, their power was immense, their means of acquiring were primitive, relying on human labor.

The politicians are just talking heads for the richest of the game of trade. They are the "elected kings" of today. All they say is emptiness, all they do is nothingness. All they want is to keep the game of trade alive by any means, because that's all they know, because that's what helps their own cause.

The rich are the best players of today. They managed to win the game of trade, and the game itself makes them addicted to it. They will always want more and more, with little regard for the others or the planet. Their values are as distorted as those of kings.

To blame others or yourself for the misery of today, it is as true as blaming the gods in the past. You and others exist, but your behavior does not, unless there is an environment that creates it. And if you do not see trade as that environment, then you might as well blame the gods again.

The latest blame-game of today is to blame the social media and the algorithms. The modern gods who know everything we do and influence us on a daily basis. But the same way that gods are a man made creation, social networks are a man made creation, and they are created in their own image. In the same way that god is jealous when you pray to other gods, and wants to punish people for bad behaviors, social media and algorithms are a reflection or today's trade-based society: they want to trade with you and win at this game. They want more of your currency, time, data, attention. And they are created by humans. As simple as that.

The kings, the rich, the politicians, algorithms and social media....the you and the others....are not to blame. All are a product of this trade-based environment that forces us to trade trade trade, and thus consume more, grab more for ourselves, lie, deceive, corrupt or be corrupted. Care little about anything but trading this for that. Accumulate and waste.

Unless this environment changes, nothing will change.


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