Sony WF-1000XM4 review


Let's review wireless earbuds Sony wf-1000xm4.
Price- ridiculous pricy earbuds.
Design- fits my ear and comfortable.
Music quality- the best of all earbuds. Tried all earbuds sold online. This earbuds are the best to enjoy music.
Noise cancelling - the first earbuds that nose cancelling works.

The bigger downside is price and Google services. To use earbuds you need install stupid paid app , which sell you 360 sound . Why not to sell breathable air ? Trade game created those problems. After installing app, I needed again to block all SHITgoogle services, app sending stupid paid offer- another scam AMAZON MUSIC.
So the price is so high because you need pay for Google's free services.
Would be amazing earbuds if they would be created as trade-free, but for now it is a piece of trade shit.
The best earbuds are trade-free . Sadly we don't have much of it only earbuds if you find for free in the street or somebody made you a present .
DO NOT BUY THIS SHIT , IF YOU BUY LEAVE THEM A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. I did a research, you can leave only positive feedback by showing that you are happy with earbuds, otherwise leaving a feedback is closed feature. Trade game idiocracy.
Trade do not allow me to enjoy full benefits of this great earbuds. Trade is a problem and we need to fix it now.
if you want to help, please go here