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CrossFit Athletes,

Welcome to the 2022 season. Last week kicked off Open registration, and we were proud to partner with Wodapalooza to share the live coverage of their 10th year. My team and I were in Miami, and we were fortunate to have many quality conversations in person. As competitors and stakeholders in the success of our sport, you are an important part of our community, and I wanted to share with you all what is being discussed, what we’ve heard so far, and where we’re going.

First, I am focused on leading our internal team by providing clear vision and expectations while creating space for them to operate. This team is experienced and deeply passionate about our sport and this community. Our leadership averages over 10 years of experience working the CrossFit Games, and many bring additional decades of service as affiliate owners and Seminar Staff. Our top priority is executing the season we’ve announced to the absolute highest standards.

Second, our team is listening to our athletes, affiliates, event organizers, and partners, so we can continue to raise the bar for all groups. We’re committed to engaging in substantive dialogue with those key stakeholders while also building systems that allow more people to have a seat at the table and be part of the tough but constructive conversations on how to grow our ecosystem. Together, the goal is to create better opportunities for athletes and event organizers while also showing value to the affiliates from which they come. Heather Lawrence, who joined the team last year after a 16-year career in sport administration and leadership roles at the top sport business program in the world, will be leading this area.

Third, your feedback is being heard. We’ve heard that more direct communication is important. Going forward, we'll be speaking first and primarily on our channels, meaning direct email like this, and on our podcast and studio shows. We'll also signal when important decisions or announcements are coming so all those affected are aware. We’ve also heard that it’s difficult for athletes and affiliates to plan when the season is constantly changing. For this reason, we’re running the 2022 season as announced, and we will be using the input we collect from athletes in various divisions and around the world to inform the 2023 season, which we aim to announce shortly after this year’s Finals.

Finally, we’ve heard that workout programming is at the top of everyone’s mind. That our athletes train for the unknown, and not for specific tests that never change, is unique to our sport. We understand the responsibility to honor both the test of fitness and the athlete experience, and that the programming at each stage of competition has to be appropriate to the capacity of those athletes. For now, know that it is and will remain in the hands of an extremely experienced team, led by Adrian Bozman. Closer to the Open, we’re excited to discuss more of the thinking that goes into programming, and we’ll continue that conversation throughout the season.

Our next communication will detail the Semifinal locations and dates. News about prize money will follow soon after. Until then, I will say only that my agenda is simple. The Games will continue to be the ultimate proving grounds for the Fittest on Earth, a true and powerful expression of the CrossFit methodology, and we're going to share it far and wide. We will also pursue more and better opportunities for athletes at all ability levels to responsibly compete in our sport. And we’re excited for what’s ahead.

On behalf of our entire team, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve this community and plan the future of our sport together. We’re also athletes in gyms just like yours, and we look forward to sharing the experience of the Open alongside you.

We’ll see you on the leaderboard,

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