Useless information #96 - How strong is a gorilla?


Answer: Very!

Gorillas fascinate me. They are beautiful, intelligent, super strong and super cute.
I just watched some videos about gorillas and I'm now sharing with you a few facts about their strenght.

How strong is a gorilla?

  • An adult gorilla is 4 to 9 times stronger than an adult human.
  • They can easily take down banana trees.
  • They've escaped from cages by bending the iron bars.
  • Gorillas can lift up to 850Kg (1800lbs) while a trained human can lift 410Kg (900lbs)
  • And the bite?! 1300 pound per sq. inch!!!! Stronger than lions and great white sharks! (WTF?!)
  • Capable of carrying objects 10 times their body weight.
  • Projection: If we could train a gorilla to power lift he would be able to bench press around 2 tons!!!

How Much Could A Bodybuilding Gorilla Bench Press?

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