Useless information #100 - Roman numerals


According to romans this would be the post number C


Recently I became aware many people don't know much about roman numerals and there's a pretty good reason for that:
It doesn't matter much for people who are not around the former roman empire territories 😃

So in a large part of Europe we still learn the basics about Roman numerals, what may seem weird for some of you. We don't use it for calculations but we still know how to read them.

They're still present in historical monuments and old documents. It's kinda cool to look at a bunch of letters and understand that is in fact a date.

  • We are in the year MMXXII
  • I'm XXXVIII years old (38)

Now some weird ones:

  • 4 is one less than 5: IV (in clocks can be IIII)
  • 9 is one less than 10: IX
  • 40 is ten less than 50: XL (not as in extra large 🤣)
  • 45: XLV
  • 900 is 100 less than 1000: CM
  • 1900 is ten less than 2000: MCM

It's not that hard and it's even fun.
Everyone can be an expert until we get to decimal places 😬

That's it, my friends. This is the end of Useless information season 3.
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.
See you around!


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There was a great lecture about the invention of calendars and dates, how time was always based on the rule of... I suppose now is a great time, since we have the "year of the lord". Sure was fun to live in the past, when local time was dictated by the central watchtower, prior to trains, telecommunications and atomic clocks.