Significance of AI...

This is probably one of the crazy era which we are going through. Unexpected, futuristic incidents are happening! It is, as if our dreams are finally coming to reality. So much has been happening and it is somehow feeling different by just thinking about it. Too much to handle I suppose!

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Humans love automation! We have been trying to make things which would make our life much more comfortable than it was in the past. All the additions in our life (Technology, automobile etc) have been to make us feel the luxury of life. With this new improvements of AI we are probably going to see a new face of web and since we are marching towards techy global world a lot more improvements are to be seen with the help of AI.

There has been uncountable attempts of discovering ways to make our life easier. Several became successful while some projects did not get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But Artificial Intelligence is probably the most impressive and scariest development of the century.

By just thinking about the progress and the development made by this tech, it has been been giving me chills! While for the last couple of days I have been using ChatGPT and man I am in literal shock and as well as having a lot of uncertainty about a lot of professions in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

There are no doubt about the upcoming emerge of AI's into our life's tasks. There would be lots and lots of improvement being made in this sector and some success have been outstanding, so to speak!

Like I stated above about, ChatGpt things that it can do, is literally outstanding. It can literally do stuffs which a normal person would take couple of days/weeks/months to master! Almost anything that a person can implement by doing, chatGpt can do it as well. Although it has its limitations and yet its is just an AI which is still learning. Writing contents, performing tasks, writing codes such things are quite easily grabbed by this AI bot. I was literally stunned while using it.

Can you imagine what is happening?

I technically have no idea what is happening at the moment. The situation is sort of scary if I am being honest. AI bots are literally going to have a huge impact in several professions in the coming days. AI's like ChatGPT, Midjourney is going to make some huge impact in the coming years.

Midjourney artworks is impressive as ever. If you have seen what it can do, you would be surprised as well. Although, I do not have used the service yet but have come across the artworks over the internet and I must say it has been one of a kind experience.

Am I being paranoid? Probably yes. And after seeing a glimpse of what AI can really accomplish it is something to be worry about. ChatGPT, is not perfect yet and yet it can do wonders. Just imagine once it has perfected its area of expertise it can do uncontrol able things in the future. So this is something to look out for indeed.

I would love to use the service of these AI bots in the coming days. Since there would be things that I would like to do and try to make my life little easier for myself. And of course there are people like me who would definitely take the best advantage of these AI's. Even though there are pros and cons to these AI's, only time can tell us what will happen to us all. Till than make yourself useful in your field of expertise. As not everything can be done by bots or AI's, we are who have created them. So lets not worry about that! Instead keep on marching forward with full speed!

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