Entrepreneurs or Cryptopreneurs, This Is a 🎁 to You

Hey friends, over the last decade, I've seen too many entrepreneurs make the same 3 mistakes over and over again…

It's incredibly frustrating and painfully predictable, but it doesn't need to be like this.

So, I'll show you what to do if you're an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, digipreneur, cryptopreneur, entrepreneurial couple, or even a digital nomad...

~something done by me 👆

Right now, I'd like to take an opportunity to address these mistakes and clear them up for you once and for all.

If you take this to heart and follow these simple instructions, you will NEVER have to experience OR make these mistakes ever again.

Let's jump in...

Mistake Number #1: “If I build it they will come”

WRONG. People will come to test your product, services, your content if you give them a reason to!!!

Mistake Number #2: Fear of selling or offering your services

Imagine you grew up with a terrible case of eczema. Rashes all the time. But over the years with trial and error, you found ways to fix it.

Now imagine you run a business where you teach parents how to help their kids who have eczema.

That’s a massive service, right?

But if you’re scared to sell... you’re actually hurting those parents.

Think about it...

You’re forcing them to try something else that might not be as effective as YOUR knowledge and experience. This one of the main reasons why I have published a course that has a huge global success based on what I have tried for psoriasis and worked for me. To offer something that I think it will genuinely work.
Even more!
Every coaching service or program I have offered along the time was previously implemented and tested in groups so I could be sure I deliver quality that has been previously in a TOTE strategy.

Once you think of selling as a service and a value add, your entire business will change.

Mistake Number #3: Trying to do it alone

Many entrepreneurs tend to have an issue being overly prideful.

It’s almost like if the person doesn't do something on their own, it doesn't even count for them.

That’s just wrong, especially in business.

I got to where I am today by learning from the best and leaning on the best for help.

Most successful people do the same.

And here's the cool part...

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With respect,


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