Writing’s Not That Easy


Majority would agree with this. But from what perspective writing is perplexing, it can only be justified from an individual’s point of view. To some, the whole writing journey is tedious but to some, getting enough time to focus on a topic is more challenging than anything else.

Whatever it is, writers will definitely agree that filling a piece of empty paper with consumable words can be a hectic job. Only a few might say they do not have difficulties writing pages after pages as writing seems to be an intrinsic inheritance to them, and these people are the few of the most blessed in this universe. These kinds are so rare that I will not be surprised if the ratio turns out to be 10:90 compared to the general ‘writers’ term.

If we closely look into different communities of Hive, we can easily churn out the “good” authors from the average and below-average authors. Many of them barely touch the criteria of being an author; still, blogging has to have an author — so, they are authors, yeah; it makes sense.

For the last 6 months (5 and ½), I have kept track of my writing. I have a Google Doc file where I write on topics for HIve, so I have all the root files I have written over the past 6 months. Today, I checked the word count, and it’s more than 75k. Although I am not overwhelmed by the numbers, as this could be far more than now if I had written at least one for every day, yet, I am quite proud of the PRODUCTION.

So, how was the production, if you ask— the yield is not so satisfactory. It could be greater. Now, what does the YIELD imply here? If you are thinking about monetisation, well, it’s fair enough.

But what about the quality? Yeah, now you are talking.

And rest assured, I am not satisfied with the YIELD, not at all. Out of those 75K+ words, I’d say only 20K-30K of them have been utilised for consumable content, most probably some fiction, prose, or general blogs. The rests can also be categorised into different genres, but there is a universal term or genre that might make the categorisation easier— GARBAGE it is.

As I said, writing is not that easy and coming up with an idea to write about has been the most tiresome task for me. There are some moments when I am rich in ideas, but those are rare and always come in unexpected moments, i.e. when I am taking a dump or at midnight when I am determined not to touch my phone. So, what happens— most of the ideas are gone by the time I reach my notepad on the phone. Ah, pandora’s box!

Grammar is the least of my concern, although I am not good at it, making sense is my first priority. But I must say, my first priority is often obscured by the scarcity of time and laziness. Reading is what feeds the brain and creativity. When I am low on reading materials, which is the case these days, words don’t come out.

So, I write whatever topic strikes me while scrolling down memory lane; perhaps a story that can be connected with what’s going on in my head at this moment or a grasshopper hopping on the grass that my attention gets caught with. And when there is no idea to write about, there are lots of movies that I have watched.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Pretending to be a movie critic is much easier than brainstorming ideas and writing down intriguing fiction. But if there is still no idea to write about, some gibberish like this can easily pass you through the track— write how miserable you are and then post it. People will applaud your honest confession, and you will get some relief from the burden of writing shits day after day.