Snoop Dogg AI Generated Series


I've seen people posting a bunch of a.i. generated art, so I had to join in...this is made on some text to art website called HOTPOT and its pretty nifty, albeit a little lo-fi.

Here's a series called "snoop dogg as..." and its a bunch of pics of snoop dogg as a pirate, car salesman, mountain climber, bride, goth, clown, penguin, dinosaur, astronaut, vacuum, juggalo, etc. Notice how they always seem to generate a second smaller character, possibly that dogg he morphs into on his first music video? i thought he turned out almost recognizable so it seemed like a good idea for a series...maybe one of these days I'll make an nft...

I'm down for any recommendations on an easy to use, higher definition generator if people want to leave a comment!