Minding my Business



Recently, I started practicing how to mind my business but it seems like the more I do it, the more I see reasons not to. I believe one of the qualities of being a good friend is telling your friend what you feel is good or bad for them, watching out for them and making sure they don’t execute a terrible idea unless you both are in it together :)

But then I’ve come to fine out that me choosing to mind my business means not doing any of the things listed above and I feel bad about. I agree that minding my business tends to keep me out of most troubles but I feel terrible knowing that one of my female friends is being cheated on and I can’t do or say anything about it because I’m trying to focus on what concerns me.

Some few days back, a friend had come to visit and she had asked me about a sister of hers who was schooling in the same school as me and was also in the same hostel as me. Truth is I wanted to tell her everything, that her sister had lost her way and was no longer focused on school. She was always seen with one guy or another. Not like it was bad but rumors were beginning to go round about her, bad rumors and I felt if nothing was done, it might get out of her hand but when my friend asked me about her sister, I had looked at her, smiled and said she had been good.

The moment those words left my mouth, I instantly felt bad about it. But I tried to console myself by saying that I was just trying not to get involved in other peoples business, it sounds right but it feels wrong.

The moment she left, I felt like a terrible friend. I should have her back as a good friend and not lying to her. I wonder if this is the price to pay for trying to mind my own business.