Good memories of the past 🔥


Good memories of the past 🔥

Good memories of the past I admire
A hot kiss in valentine’s day brings up fire 🔥

Everything were exciting and fun when you were around
They don't come off from my mind, they go round and round

You were the reason for me loving life, me?! a mental case!
You were something else, you took my heart from its place

Why and when and where all things burnt down?
So I politely but strangely get turned down?!

Don’t think I was suspicious of our love
"You" thought I was hiding something in my glove

I burn candles in the name of trust and value nowadays
I should learn appreciation as it is said in a phrase

I should turn a new leaf and not get deleted again
Until in the afterlife we get greeted again

This poem is about how your love (anything that you care about and means a a lot to you) could be taken from you and stolen by some other person who may perhaps appreciates it more ~