Caitanya Massera

Caitanya Massera born in Taos N.M. is the producer and founder of the Tribal Vision festival which first started in 2006 with the goals of uniting the local spiritual and first nation communities in New Mexico by bringing their elders, dances, music, and ceremonies into a festival environment to create a space to share their wisdom and cultures amongst each other and with the world. Caitanya is also the creator of the calendar structure called the spiral moon calendar. It works with the natural cycles of the sun and moon to show how time works more efficiently in a spiral form.  As well Caitanya is one of the founders of E.A.R.T.H. 501c3 (Environmental Action Reaching Throughout Humanity) a nonprofit organization with the goals of restoring Earth's natural environment and educating people legal rights of nature to protect the future of all life. It does this through multiple programs that weave together a tapestry of change.
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