Sharing My Daily Quest ( Fire Quest )


Hello!! Splinterlands Friends!


I found Splinterlands game to be one of the best games on the hive blockchain.
I became a Splinterlands game player.

I've been playing Splinterlands about a month.
As a result, I became familiar with the Splinterlands game as I played it every day.

Today I finished a Daily QUEST in Splinterlands.
Today's Battle quest is "Fire Quest".
I am currently playing in the Bronze III League.
As a new player, my rating is still very low.

I have to work on gaining power gradually by playing regularly.
There is no reward in the Bronze III league. I still do not have enough power to qualify for the Bronze II league.

Today I had to play a lot of games to complete the quest battles.
I want to share my Fire Quest battles I played today.
Attacked by Fire Summoner.


My Line Up are as follows:-

Position (1) 1st Tank : RADIATED SCORCHER,
Position (2) 2nd Tank : LIVING LAVA,
Position (3) Follower : TENYII STRIKER,
Position (4) Follower : SCAVO HIRELING,
Position (5) Follower : SCAVO CHEMIST,

... Are used in the program.

  • Battle Rule : Standard
    Mana Cost : 22
    Allowed Summoner : All Summoner

My opponent team using Life Summoner faced to me. Oops! His Line up is very strong with complex lineup Range and magic attackers.

This battle was fought until Round 5 and won.
I can not believe I won this match.
I was happy to win this difficult battle.

OK Let's see my Battle Condition




We both teams had a tough competition. It was an exciting battle.
If you want to see the each battle rounds, the full battle can be viewed at the following link.

You can also see my battle gameplay at Twitter-


Here is my Quest Reward I received today.
"9 Credit(s)" , Thanks you Splinterlands for your rewards.
I'm trying to get into a well-rewarded league.
Thank you for visiting my post. See you soon.
As a new player, I still have needs.
Can you suggest my needs?


Good luck Splinterlands players.

Thank you for visiting my post.



Thanks You Splinterlands





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