Covid-19 Vaccine for Prevention Virusses



The Covid-19 virus has been epidemic throughout the world since the beginning of 2020, many fatalities have fallen due to this virus, as reported by the media stating that this virus initially attacked Wuhan Province, then continued to plague various parts of the world.

The process of spreading is very fast, making the percentage of infected continues to increase until now, Indonesia as one of the Asian countries is also infected, and victims continue to fall. To anticipate this, the local government has made various efforts to minimize the increase in cases.

The efforts made in the form of:

  1. Keep your distance
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Wash your hands with soap
  4. Avoid crowds
  5. Maintain endurance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, through exercise, nutritious food, adequate rest and avoiding stress.
  6. Avoiding direct contact, even when shaking hands.

To make the above activities successful, the government through health officers, soldiers and police collaborates to provide counseling and health education in crowded places such as coffee shops, shopping centers and other places that have a large enough risk of infection.

Not only in this sector, the government has also reduced learning hours in the formal and informal education sectors, even with the increase in positive confirmed cases, through the local education minister's decision to change the pattern of education from face-to-face to learning through the media (online).

Educators use face-to-face online facilities, students can continue to learn from home through telecommunications devices, then form Covid-19 response posts in all villages in all provinces in Indonesia. This post has the role of monitoring all its citizens who carry out activities / trips outside the area, every citizen who mobilizes to infectious areas (red zone) will be self-quarantined at their respective homes, but for those who are confirmed positive without symptoms, quarantine will be carried out in an isolation area. which has been provided.


The next tip is carried out by sweeping the use of masks for road users and visitors to public facilities, so that the public realizes the importance of being aware of the plague that can attack them.


At the end of February 2021, through the Ministry of Health, the government conducted a special Covid-19 vaccination for health workers as the frontline in handling this outbreak. Initially this vaccine had a polemic for the community, the people's representative council was against the President's decision in this policy. However, vaccination is continued with 2 doses. The first dose of 0.5 ml and a span of 14 days later the second dose was given with the same composition and amount as the first vaccine.

In practice, a team of 11 vaccinators consisting of doctors, health promoters, nurses, immunization agents and environmental health workers to manage vaccine waste. The team is divided into 4 tables.

  1. Registration desk
  2. Health screening table
  3. Vaccination table
  4. Observation table


After registering, the prospective vaccine recipient will undergo a health screening, this determines whether the person concerned is eligible or not receiving the vaccine, then after it is decided that it is appropriate to receive the vaccine, the vaccine candidate will be vaccinated and observed for 30 minutes, after it is deemed safe, the data has been filled in. by the officer entered into the application to be issued a certificate.



Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Sister Mellisa Anggreini, AM.Keb. registers at table 1, then conducts screening at table 2, after screening, the doctor is not given the vaccine until the person concerned has consulted with a specialist who has previously handled the disease. On Friday the vaccinator team received a revision for prospective postponed vaccine recipients, and the screening doctor also recommended that the person be vaccinated at Cut Meutia Hospital.

Monday 12.15 WIB, Mellisa Anggreini, AM.Keb. got the vaccine with the badge number 202011045 (vaccine exp 02-11-2023) in the amount of 0.5 ml. Previously, about 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with a narrowing of the nerves and experienced paralysis, according to the information he had previously received treatment in North Sumatra Province.

Before getting the vaccine, the person concerned has coordinated with the specialist doctor who deals with the disease at that time, and on that recommendation the person concerned is the vaccine.
Follow-up events after immunization are felt after almost 1 hour after the vaccine, starting with the onset of symptoms of numbness on the right, dizziness and pale face.

To anticipate this, the UPTD Puskesmas Meurah Mulia doctor has conducted initial observations by advising him to rest, after the situation worsens (his body cannot be moved) the doctor observes vitalnsign and provides oxygenation assistance and appoints sister Mellisa to the Cut Meutia District Hospital North Aceh