Hello (Hive) World? My Appresentation.


Olá Hive😃!
Hello Hive😃!


I was trying to join the Hive community so i received some messages to make an Introduction Post. Well here i am! First things first, i want to say a great thanks to @chillwithshanna to invite me to #OCD. I hope making good posts in the future.

Who is Norseland?

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I am not that good with introductions but let's talk the basics.
My name is Marco Antônio Vizentainer and i'm from Navegantes, Santa Catarina, Brazil (Brasil!). I was born in this city and lived here for all my life, well i don't know where to be going with this so i must say i have 22 years. I didn't have a career yet so i'm just trying to be artistic? I mean all i have made since finished high school was write some fantasy and being a nerd.

Why Norseland?


A lot of people say that my nickname is weird, cuz i don't live in Northern Europe, but i have a little backstory about it.
When i was young, like 3 years old i got to play video-games with my dad on PS1, but then we changed to Computer games. I got my first computer when i was 5 years old so i played a lot on it. My favorite game for that time was Age of Mythology an old Microsoft RTS and my favorite culture in that game was Norse, so that stayed with me for a long time.
I usually used the nickname of "Eomir" the character of Lord of the Rings, it wasn't bad but when i started playing Starcraft 2 on 2015/6 i got a dream to be a Proplayer so i was in need of a "proplayer nickname", then i though why not Norse? The problem was: There is already a "Norse"! Norseman wasn't good, Norse1 isn't a proplayer nick, then what i should put on Norse? So i remembered of Age of Mythology. On the game map, they named the location where the Norse live is Norselands, so i got to have it NORSELAND!

How did i get here?


With my bike Ba dum tss

That is a good question but the answer is short. My friend @underlock invited me to play @splinterlands a cardgame that is in Hive Community. I didn't enjoy it the first time playing but it was because i wasn't understanding the game. When i started to win more matches and getting new cards i got really addicted. When i was trying to find more content about the game i found a lot of articles on this site, then i though "Why not joining?" and now i am here!

What Norseland Likes?


Why do i keep making those hard questions?
Jokes aside, i like a lot of things principally playing video games and lot of nerd stuff, but what i most like is medieval fantasy movies and cardgames.
I always watched movies with my dad, we watched together almost a hundred of times Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. One of the first memories i have is watching Die Hard 1 with him when i was so young that i can't even understand anything.
But that is not all! I am a Magic the Gathering player (not very good) played a lot in High School, i remember skip some classes to play good old times.
Well, i like to write down some game articles too, i did some for a Brazillian Warcraft 3 Website that my friend made a time ago.

What do you expect on the Hive Community?

Good friend i hope? Maybe some ideas? I don't know, still very new to Hive community so i'm trying to learn what is this community. I'll try to enjoy it at fullest! So what i need to do? I don't know, but lets try it.

How do i end this?


Well there is a picture of my cat, his name was Frederick (what a horrible name you think? Well he was kinda orange? So why not Frederick Barbarossa the Holy Roman Emperor?). He died a long time ago but i have this photo saved he was sleeping on the bed so when i take the picture he was like "Bro what ur doing?"
So in this sad note. If you want to ask anything for me, i'll take my time for answer, a good day for everyone and goodbye.


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Awesome! Nice that you took the time to make an intro. see you around!