Stream Summary - Song in Fortnite and Next Panda Beats Album Sneak Peek - ONEUP/PIZZA/LVL/PGM/STARBITS Winners - Rising Star Stats




Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Let me tell you about what happened today on the stream...


A very nice stream to finish the week!! Celebrating that one of my songs is now in FORTNITE game, you can hear it when you climb into a car and turn on the radio! I also showed a sneak peek of what's coming to the next album which is gonna be 20 Dubstep songs! Super exciting times are coming for me and my music and I'm so excited!! This is my whole life work and it makes me really happy!!!

Today we played Marbles on Stream and Battle of the bands. I will have to mention that today we had the presence of the evil twin of @alicia2022 who was killing everyone in the Battle Royale hahaha. She even took down poor Ivo aka @deveter in both Battle Royales!! She is now called his nemesis lol. Just joking though we love you @alicia2022!!

Today's NFT winners: @jcfariasc won a 55 Molly card, @tomyesol won a i61 Sunset V Guitar card, @bokica80 won a 65 Firefly card and @lailoken606 and @allonyx.ngs won a Bronze Myth Token from Mammoth Mythics!


As for #ONEUP tokens @ga8ox35, @igr6479 and @peladogourmet won 5 #ONEUP.

As for #PIZZA tokens @sarpione and @jesmel26nala won 10 #PIZZA and 15 #PIZZA went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

As for #LVL tokens @gentlepusa won 15 #LVL, @l2darkworlds and @diultimo won 20 #LVL, @peladogourmet won 25 #LVL and 20 #LVL went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

As for #PGM tokens @igr6479 and @yeffryi won 5 #PGM and @aiyoras, @lailoken606 and @leoarris9737 won 10 #PGM.

As for #STARBITS tokens @jesmel26nala won 50 #STARBITS, @alicia2022 won 200 #STARBITS, @lailoken606 won 350 #STARBITS, @masterblacksmith won 400 #STARBITS, @nasty13322 won 500 #STARBITS and 450 #STARBITS went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

Reminder: There's an #AIRDROP channel in my discord where I'm putting random airdrops of #PIZZA from community and #LVL from @psyberx game, hopefully #ONEUP and #PGM some day! To join my discord you need to be on my stream so I can know who you are. I have now applied the required level needed to get into the airdrop channel in my discord, so active people can claim and random people that never shows neither in discord or the stream can't. This means that if you don't have at least level 5 you will not see the channel.




I'm currently sitting at 271089 real Fans with 8536 drunks this time, 682065 Skill points and level 352 with 5781 cards in my account! Only 29k fans away from reaching the 300k goal, I'll be there soon! Yay!


Since all my existing records were sold out (there's still possible to buy them from other players if they would put them for sale though!), a new one had to come, Desert Dream is out now for sale and it has already sold 12 copies, thank you so much for your amazing support, I'm stoked to see how many people really enjoy my music enough to get a record! Means the world to me!

NewenX - Desert DreamSMALL.pngBEASTOUTsmall.pngNewenX - AnubisSMALL.pngNewenX_-_Mother_NatureSMALL.png




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Opportunities on this community are endless, and so is the fun!

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@CineTV is a community focused on Films and TV created to reward those that love this kind of content and would like to blog about it, you don't need to be an expert in Films and TV to participate in this community, you just need to be a good lover of all these. They have their own second layer Hive token which is called #CINE, you can find it in any Hive DEX. You can earn it by using the #cinetv tag in your related post. You can use their front end to post which is

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The @StickUpBoys are a group musicians from Brighton, UK. Their music is mainly electronic pop borrowing influences from modern EDM and electronica as well as the most notorious of the 80's pop scene, they have been heralded as the "new sound of urban pop music". Their unique and fresh sound is generated from their much beloved analogue synths, their extensive experience in a wide range of musical styles, as well as their collective talents as writers, performers, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. But they are much more than that, they are into videos as well and a lot more into Gifs, their gifs have become very well known and you can see them in many places, it's crazy!

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Mammoth Mythics is a web3 blockchain based company dedicated to bridging the gap between real world functionality, online digital technologies and gaming. They offer digital products in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) which have utility built into the smart contract. Most notably, these tokens can be used as characters within the P2E (Play to earn) game with its own unique metaverse, built on the WAX blockchain. Furthermore, this will all be interconnected with their own digital currency, MYTH. They sell these digital packs of non-fungible tokens through the Nefty Blocks marketplace, on the WAX blockchain. Mammoth Mythics goal is to become the first Online NFT Gaming business which bridges the gap between online and real world. They aim to create products which have utility and value within the metaverse as well as planet earth on a day-to-day basis.

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That's all for today, thanks a lot for all your awesome support!!!

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You can always visit me in social media and other streaming platforms :)

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@newenx this new summary made me laugh a lot and so did my evil twin hahahaha. Super creative you guys calling me that!!!!!

I still love you-love you guys!!!

Excellent as always your stream. I congratulate and encourage you to continue giving the best of the best. A big hug