I'm on my own



Once upon a time there was a jeweler who traded with other countries.
She also has an adult son.
One day his son told the merchant.
Father and son are going to work.
Give me some legacy.
What inheritance does the merchant want?
I want to succeed as a father.
Yes, I will give you what you want.
But you have to work with me for a week before you can give it.
The son nodded in agreement.
The next day, I called my son-in-law and went down to the yard.
He brought two brooms and told the maker to cut down all the rubbish.
The merchant held a palm tree under a tree and drank some warm water.
The son-in-law finished lying down with his father when he woke up.
I watched intently as my father came to help.
The merchant stretched out and sat down, and the man-made rubbish was gone.
The next day he brought two swords and took them into the forest to cut down a large tree.
The son-in-law cut down a big tree and looked at the merchant who was bleeding.
His son's hands hurt so much that he developed blisters and had to cut them until they exploded.
But the merchant did not lose his sword.
A big tree fell.
The merchant rose.
And then I cut off that branch.
I was tired, and Dad's hands hurt.
Then don't take what you want.
The son will cut too. Let the father keep his promise.
When all was said and done, there was blood on the merchant's son's hand, and the next morning he could not do it because his hands were so sore.
The merchant did not ask you to do anything today.
After crossing Kyauktaung from here, I have a friend named U Maung Lay.
Go to him and tell him the secret to my success.
You have to start work tomorrow.
When in the face of adversity, keep it a secret.
So he crossed the mountain and brought his son the secret of success from his uncle.
When I got home, I showed him a booklet with a gold cover, asking him if that was what he was talking about.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Well, let's start your trading journey tomorrow.
By morning, everyone was ready to go.
What are you doing?
Didn't Dad follow?
What should I do?
You have reached this age
Do as much as you can
So the merchant's son went out to trade.
Crossing streams and plains, you reach a large forest
He saw a lion stalking him.
As soon as he realized that, he suddenly ran away, looking for a good place to hide.
I was sitting among the rocks that only one person could enter.
The lion followed without fail.
That's how the night came.
The lion did not go anywhere, but he crouched down and waited in front of him.
He suddenly remembered the book The Merchant and the Secret to Success.
I looked at the first page
Do not expect your problems to anyone
It is written to complete it yourself
The boy went crazy for a moment.
He knew he had to try to save himself.
He looked at the lion lying in front of him.
Between the rocks, fragments of rock were driven into the base of the rock.
As he did so, a large rock fell on the lion and killed him.
So I went to a country.
He sells his jewelry.
He returned to his country to buy jewels that could be resold.
Halfway through, I got a fever from traveling because I was rich
Illness made me feel weak.
Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought of what he had done.
When he finally couldn't stand it, he turned to the book his father had given him.
On the first page, there was nothing but the sentence he had read before.
I found the last page written.
If you want to be like me, do not trust me.
You are the savior of your life.
Success in a book is man-made.
Write your success on a blank piece of paper
I laughed when the boy was sick.
Then I threw the book away.
He understood that his father gave him confidence and self-reliance.
The boy breathed his last and let out a fever.
I look for nutritious fruits.
I lit a fire, stirred steam, and started sweating.
As soon as he recovered, he returned to his homeland.
So he returned to his father.
How are you, son?
I can no longer expect someone to help me, so it's fine.
He left, saying that he had found a way to succeed like me.
Life is about finishing something on your own, expecting something.
Your beliefs are based on your experiences.
If you want to be like him, rely on yourself.
Let me have an idea.


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