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Hello hiveians...

Good morning to you all, its quite a beautiful day...guess what? We’ll be talking about collage and how to make them.

What is Collage?

Collage is a method of an art production which used in the visual arts. This artwork is made from an collection of different forms, to create a new whole.

Collage is the art of using collected scrap objects to form images on a surface. It is the making of a picture through scraps, cloths and other materials to form images on a flat surface

Uses of Collage

  • It is used for decoration
  • Collage is a means of painting a picture
  • It helps students to be resourceful and creative
  • It is used for murals (painting on walls)
  • Collage helps to develop a sense of construction

Process of collage making

  • Collect the needed materials

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  • Choose a desired surface e.g. cardboard

  • Draw the desired diagram on the cardboard

  • Cut the pictures into pieces

  • Gum the cut pieces to form the desired diagram and background

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  • Allow to dry and frame

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