HIVE FEST 2021 ***Giveaway***

A few days away when Hive Fest is slated to happen. Read to the end for the Free Give away I am preparing myself for attending as i go throught the motions of registering and looking in to VR space, then... I was brought to this page to download the VR alt program....
Kool, that sounds like fun as i have not done VR on my computer.

I clicked through to get the program and was taken to this page....wait what!...this cannot be right....Micr....micro...nooo..... I am on Hive for the very reason of not wanting he help fund the central control group, but now Hive is directing me to sign up with microsoft ....umm i am shocked. A bit miffed that pairing such diametrically opposed ideologies would happen and that people would go along with such a form of kowtowing to corporate-toxicity.

I understand that the use of that program is not a must to attend the event. I do however find it hard to believe that linking a microsoft account with a Hive account would provide much benefit to a corporation who historical practices are less then respectable. That company has done a great deal to change the world in the digital age, further on new progress needs to be made with that entity in the rear view mirror.
There is much good on the Hive network but inviting the opposition to the party is like asking the looter to protect the just seems odd to do. Hoping that the gold is still in the vault after the evening away might be a fools errand to ends of which many could accurately predict the results.

Perhaps the sacrifice of not digitally walking around the room and seeing avatars is what is needed to progress. To forfeit the conveniences of a FREE program to satiate the glimmer in the room full of images wanting to connect in some form other then linked in some way to another tentacle of those that might just one day use those connection they were freely handed to handle Hive like a bee keepers smoke machine. All for the convenience and glimmer of avatars and VR, is the shinning really worth the gold being stole?


I am all for gathering meeting greeting and exchanging ideas. Perhaps signing into microsoft account is no big deal. Perhaps it is a crack in the foundation of what the overall purpose of the Hive community was trying to achieve. Maybe running into the arms of teck mongers is what the purpose was all along.
Perhaps the convenience of today is not worth the sacrifices that will come and will have to be paid tomorrow.

Here come the FREE things that are free to use, to download, to sign up and to give another handout to the company who might not be as free as you see for everything they give you.
Not much free has any value unless the person giving what is free is getting more then they give.
Why would they give away a high end product and server space for FREE?
Why do they still charge for the office programs when their are many different, better, options out there to use? Why are those legacy programs not FREE?
The free to use will cost you much more then you might know or care to give.
Did you read the terms of servitude that you signed when you signed up for FREE?
You just clicked through accepting all they said and never thought about what might be contained in those legal documents you just agreed too.....Centipad future might you have.

I am interested in opposing views on this subject. Please be FREE to let me know below what you think in regards to using free software in the upcoming events.

As for the GIVE might just be the one giving away what you have worked for if you fallow the path of free and easy.


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