Day 1982: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: bank failure

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Prompt: bank failure

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Life is unpredictable, and just as we don't know when something is going to happen, we must be ready to overcome any situation. Imagine not being prepared or knowing what to do in an emergency? Surely the person is going to lose control, others go into a panic attack or simply get paralyzed, go into a state of shock and don't know what to do. I'm mentioning this because last night I was watching a series of videos where people got angry and reacted in the most hostile ways before a bank failure in the ATM.

A woman went completely wild and crazy when she saw that the teller sent her a message that she could not withdraw money at the moment. The woman immediately began to slam the ATM with her purse, as if the ATM was going to drop the money that way, or perhaps she thought the ATM was going to hurt. People go blind when they have these rage or panic attacks, and they do things that they will most likely regret later.

It is a matter of learning to understand things for what they are, and accepting life in a different way. If life puts you before a bank failure, accept it, relax because the only thing you can do is wait for that error to be corrected, since one day it will have to.

Personally, I believe that everything lies in our minds, and this is an art, learning not to worry or better yet, developing the magnificent ability to transform things that hurt us into tools that allow us to use them. for our benefit, that's being smart.

So I hope they learn to overcome bank failures.

This has been my 5 minute writing for today.

Happy beggining of the week for everyone.


This id absolutely what is making most nigerian go crazy now almodt everyday, it wasn't has bad as this before until the new naira policy came out, during this time therr was almost no cash left for the citizen to use, saw some video online, wherr bank are kerping the new note that was introduce and suffering people.

We had to continue our day to day activities so people decide to start using internet banking, paying with transfer but it's funny that, a bank of over 2m customers wasn't prepare for this, we started having issue of money leaving my account and not getting to their destination, you go to bank to complain and they act reluctant, people had to no choice then to do extremely out of context thing to get their money back, things like removing their clothes, shouting and crying in banks hall. Till date for almost 6 weeks it not resolve yet, banks have failed us