Day 1740: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: unnecessary


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Prompt: unnecessary

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start writing
  • Use the hashtag #freewrite
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)

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Writing help

  • A free app: Grammarly. A lot of us are not native English speakers and I am finding it a helpful app. It will underline spelling and grammar mistakes. Just remember that is is not always right -especially if you use complex sentence structures. Here is the link

  • Remember The Most Dangerous Writing App. You set the time - 5 min - and start typing. Don’t stop!!! It will destroy what you wrote if you stop for more than 3 seconds - and backspace does not count as writing on the app. If you are prone to stop and think - this app forces you to keep going. You can make corrections after the 5 minutes are over.

  • A timer. Egg timer is a free tool you can use on your desktop to set a time. This is useful for our freewrites or if you want to work in blocks of time and then take a break. Here is the link

  • I found this app through @emwalker. Use it regularly and it will help you type faster and more accurately. [10 fast fingers](

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Magnus and his wife struggled a lot before they had their first child, the baby came after their 21st wedding anniversary.

It was a moment of joy when she got pregnant, she was flown abroad to receive the best of care because Mr. Magnus didn't want anything bad to happen to both the mother and child. He did everything right before the baby was born and there was a huge celebration for the child's arrival.

Having the baby late got into Mr. Magnus's head and he pamper the baby to extent that it became an issue between him and his wife. He doesn't want his daughter to learn how to do anything and she grew up into a beautiful lady with zero survival skills, Alice couldn't even boil water to talk of cooking.

The graduated and plan to have a husband but she couldn't get one because she didn't know how to do any chores as a wife. She got fed up with the situation and it led to a heated argument between her and her father, Alice was angry he didn't allow her to learn anything about chores.

"Dad!!!, you are always saying, " it is unnecessary" to mother whenever she calls me to the kitchen. Now look at my life"

She was about to walk away when Mr. Magnus held her back and promised that they can work things out together.