Fungi Friday | Remembering the memory of August 17, 1945

Super greetings and happy wishes from me @lion-bull to all of you #fungifriday lovers.

I hope all of you are in good health and are happy with your beloved family.

Today as my contribution to #fungifriday by @ewkaw, I will give a special gift for all of you in the form of 2 types of mushrooms that have unique and attractive colors and shapes.

For me, the 2 mushrooms that I show you today are very special and full of deep and meaningful meaning.

The red color is one of the colors on the flag of love and pride for my country and also for us Indonesian citizens.

The red color symbolizes the courage of the heroes and Indonesian citizens in fighting for independence in 1945.

While the color brown for us Indonesian citizens considers it to be the "color for a symbol of love and affection", especially since today's brown color is attached to a "drum" mushroom that melted for us when we won independence in 1945.

I have prepared some pictures of the red mushroom and also the "Drum" mushroom for all of you.

We start with the red mushroom that I found under the rotting palm fronds.

I tried to move the palm leaves so that the color of the "Brave" could be seen clearly.

It turned out that the 2 "brave" stood proudly there, even many other soldiers were scattered almost all over the place.

I can't be sure how long they have been here, what is certain is that they really feel at home protecting the wild and they are welcomed by the inhabitants of the jungle.

12 drums ready to be beaten, a sign that the struggle will begin soon and there should be no word of surrender before succeeding in gaining independence.

There are various names for the drums that are beaten, and various forms, ranging from small to large.

Mushroom " Gendang ", so our popular call for him, we really know how to respect and love him.

Giving the name " Gendang " to him is our way of remembering the struggle of our heroes and our fighters in fighting for independence on August 17, 1945.

That's all from me for today, see you next Friday.

Warm greetings from me



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Good shots and very interesting species!

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