May Key Performance Indicators | 211,000+ Threads Created Last Month!

We're back to reporting on key metrics in the LeoVerse. We've got a number of reports lined up and we'll run them each month at different intervals. Reports on Tokenomics, Ad Revenue, @leo.voter curation transparency and Monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will become a regular staple in our reporting here on @leofinance.

Today's report will show our KPIs at the end of May, 2023. We had an incredible month for the LeoVerse. On May 1st, we launched the new Project Blank UI.

Yes, it's only been 1 single month since the UI went live. There have been so many changes to the UI and things are just getting started. The past month has felt like an entire year for us as we've been grinding away on bug fixes and deploying a wide range of feature updates.

We've been launching updates on a literal daily basis since the UI went live. Some are noticeable visual changes while others are backend scaling and others still are bug fixes that you may not even notice at all outside of no longer encountering those random issues.

May KPIs

In the month of May, we saw a bunch of records get crushed. In the above chart, you'll see the final breakdown:

  1. Monthly Active Users (MAUs) hit a new high of 1,289
  2. Monthly Active Threaders (MATs) hit a new high of 1,184
  3. 211,700 Threads were created in May
  4. 369 Content Creators made at least 1 long-form article
  5. 259 Unique accounts commented on long-form content throughout the month

Across the board, we're seeing a lot of growth. The one aspect that has been lagging a bit is the long-form content creators / commenters. We think this can be a lot better.

The reason why we're slacking in this area is the UI. The UI for long-form is not up to par with where we want it to be. This is going to take some work.

We've got an amazing update coming for the new Articles page later this week.

Last week, we pushed a major update to the Publishing UI.

These two things combined should have a signficant impact on long-form users from month to month.

The KPIs to watch as we progress through June and you get the next report will be Content Creators and Commenters.

In May, we had 369 long-form creators and 259 commenters on long-form content. I believe these numbers will be significantly higher in the month of June once we roll out the massive overhaul to the long-form aspects of

211,700 Threads!

In the month of May, we posted 211,700 threads from! That's absolutely insane.

You can see a few huge spike days coinciding with a part of the Zealy campaign on May 22nd.

Outside of that though, you can see a really steady upward trendline. We're seeing a lot of growth in activity on Threads.

Recently, we pushed a massive update to the Notifications page. We made it 10x better.

Today, we pushed another update for "Live Notifications" so that you can use other parts of the UI and get alerted right when someone engages with you, then you can even more easily engage back.

All of these changes + our work on the marketing / growth front have led to a fantastic upward trend in overall engagement. We're going to keep pushing on both of these fronts and look for new heights in KPIs next month.


In June, we're looking to crush our KPIs and reach new all-time highs. To recap:

  1. 1289 MAUs
  2. 1184 MATs
  3. 211,700 Threads
  4. 369 Article Creators
  5. 259 Article Commenters

As we progress through June, let's keep these KPIs in mind and look for ways to push to new heights. As a user & LEO POWER holder, what can you do in the community to push these metrics?

KPIs are an incredibly important snapshot to see where we're at and where we're headed. With the new LeoAds model on the horizon, it's important to consider all of the ways we can increase traffic, increase engagement, time on site, content created, content shared, etc.

As we push these metrics, a very REAL effect can be felt in the LEO Price. That's an awesome thing to see.

Our next report will talk about the Tokenomics on LEO. These recently got a massive revamp on May 1st and the effects are being seen. Daily LEO Token inflation dropped from 25-30k all the way down to 5,500-6k.

Also implemented were higher @leoburn activity, @leo.bounties buying over 10k LEO per day on the market to pay delegators and LeoAds about to launch.

Strap in frens.

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LeoFinance has become the best second tier project powered by the Hive Blockchain network, I suspect to say that in the future we will have a bigger chain highlight making it the main attraction overtaking Splinterlands and the other Front-End alternatives like PeakD and Ecency.
Looking forward to the announcement of the Lions metaverse...


All of this feeds into the ad revenue. We need to keep the ball rolling.

Lets go for 250K threads this month.


That has been an amazing month. the growth in the LeoVerse has been visibly undeniable. It can only get better in the coming months and gradually we'll see Leofinance reach mass adoption phase.

Kudos to the team and developers for making these milestone a reality.


Good solid growth that's for sure. Need to really focus in on that MAU and keep that growing. Price increase and earnings on threads should help to be a big motivation factory money always is lol

Looking forward tot he ad report and how all of that is going to look in terms of payouts etc. Should be another wild month!


Keep it up and may the force be with you!


I'm thrilled to hear about our ambitious goals for June and the desire to reach new all-time highs in our KPIs. As a user and LEO POWER holder,

I'm fully committed to contributing my efforts to push these metrics and help our community thrive. I have some ideas for collaborating toward our goals. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Engagement and Activity: Let's actively participate in discussions, share insights, and provide valuable feedback to keep the threads buzzing with activity. By fostering a vibrant community, we can attract more users, retain existing ones, and increase our Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Monthly Active Threads (MATs).

  2. Content Creation and Commenting: Encouraging and supporting our community's content creators is essential. Let's continue producing high-quality articles that attract readers and generate discussions. Additionally, engaging with themes by commenting and sharing our thoughts boosts the number of Article Commenters and enhances the overall user experience.

  3. Community Growth: To increase our user base, we should actively promote LeoFinance on social media platforms, crypto forums, and other relevant communities. By spreading the word about the valuable content and insights available here, we can attract new members, resulting in a surge in MAUs and MATs.

  4. Time on Site and Content Sharing: To boost our metrics, we should focus on enhancing the user experience and making our platform more captivating. Ensuring and encouraging users to spend more time on the site can be achieved by creating engaging discussions, hosting contests, introducing interactive features, and offering incentives for participation. Additionally, sharing our favorite content on external platforms can attract new visitors and increase our reach.

  5. LeoAds and Revenue Generation: With the introduction of LeoAds, it's crucial to consider how we can maximize its potential to increase traffic and revenue. As a user, I can actively engage with the ads, provide feedback on their relevance and effectiveness, and encourage others to do the same. By optimizing our ad revenue, we can support the growth of our community and potentially see positive effects on the LEO price.

Let's work collaboratively to implement these strategies and any additional ideas that arise. By focusing on increasing engagement, content creation, and community growth, we can achieve new heights in our KPIs and contribute to the success of LeoFinance.

Let's harness our collective power to make a positive and meaningful impact. Here's to a prosperous June!