Sharing My Battle Weekly Challenge! DISINTEGRATOR


Hello Blockchain Gamers!

Today I am sharing my battle about weekly challenge, theme: DISINTEGRATOR.
I am a new player at Splinterlands.

This is the first post about I have shared this Weekly challenge.

My weekly challenge is to share the victorious battle using the DISINTEGRATOR.

DISINTEGRATOR is a card from the Chaos Legion Edition.

It is a Natural Element and its attack type is Melee.

Its special ability is "Demoralize".

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png

Well, I prepared my Challenge battle using DISINTEGRATOR as follows:

The rules of battle are not very restrictive for lower level players like me. Battle rules are standard. Mana 25 is allowed.

Weekly Challenge battle Theme card: To use DISINTEGRATOR I have to choose to use Fire Elemental in Battle.

My Choosing Summoner is Fire Summoner, TARSA.
My Line up are as follow:-

Position 1 : LIVING LAVA
Position 2 : CHAOS AGENT

Position 1Position 2Position 3
Position 4Position 5

The battle started with the above arrangement.
In the game play, My opponent team is using Fire Splinter too.

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png


Battle Round 1


At the first round, my team 2nd position damage reducer card is fall.
Also the opponent team fall his last place range attacker card.

Battle Round 2


In this second round, After two of attack moves done, opponent team's fall his one of magic attacker again. Both side of tankers are still strong.

Battle Round 3


This third round was very exciting. Combat cards from both sides show the flavor of the match. Opponent team fall his one of melee attacker again. In this condition, Opponent team left two attackers and my team left three attackers and one damage reducer. In these pass rounds, my team theme card DISINTEGRATOR support the battle with his "Demoralize" ability, so opponent team melee attacker's damage were reduced.

Battle Round 4


In this fourth round, battle is tends to end of game.
we both team are also very excited for the end of game.

Opponent team fall all of his back row attackers, So He had left only one tanker and my team left four team-mate.

Battle Round 5


At the start of this round five, my team main attacker is knock down the opponent team last tanker. My team have a chance and win the battle. how exciting battle. This battle led to the last minute attractions. The battle is end with victory for my team.


I love Splinterlands game so much because of all the excitement.
If you want to watch my full match, you can click the Battle Link below.

Battle Link

You can also watch my battle in Twitter post.

Twitter Link

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png

Concluding ...

  • Opponent team is strong line up at this mana cost battle. But his back row attacker are fall faster again and again. And the damage of his team is not higher as like as my team because of my team theme card "DISINTEGRATOR".

My lineup and strategy

  • My team lineup and strategy is worked well. At the start of the battle, the damage reducer is take his job. The theme card DISINTEGRATOR is show his "Demoralize" ability power and support the team attacks.
    Also the main Sneak attacker is show his attack powers. My main tanker also show his strong tank power and nice damage attacks.
    So my team showed teamwork and won the battle.


  • Yes, I like "DISINTEGRATOR" because of his special ability "Demoralize". And health 5 and armored 2 were should be stand with at the back row team.
  • In the future, I will upgrade the "DISINTEGRATOR" to my liking and upgrade it to be the best attacking card for the team.

line png 2.png

Well- Let me end for the sharing about my weekly challenge battle.
All of images using in my post are tacking screen shoot from Splinterlands game sources. Thanks You Splinterlands.
Thanks to all the friends who came to support my post.
Good luck and see you.


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The Demoralize ability really protects your melee team in these kind of matches. Disintegrator is one of the best Chaos Legion cards.


Yes, I like Demoralize. I use him most of melee battles.
Thanks you fro your support, !PIZZA


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