Kid Faye- Whisper to me, Softly


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An original song written, recorded and performed by Kid Faye (all copyright exclusive Kid Faye 1/2022). So,
this is a song I wrote when I was 21 but never attempted to record before or add anything to... I figure
it may very well mean different things to different people, which I rather like. It could be any kind of
intimate relationship, however, for me, I know it was written when I was going through a personal spiritual
experience of my own. I was raised with a lot of "set in stone" concepts of 'God'...i.e. who He was or what He
should mean to me, and yet I found, especially at a time in my life where I was hanging on by a thread,
I just needed something more... and something much different than what I had been told about said 'God' my
whole life. I wanted to feel close, intimately close, and connected to this force that created me.
I didn't want to feel fear, or too small to notice, I just longed for intimacy from who or whatever
decided that my life experience was necessary in the grand scheme of things. That is how I came to write
this very simple, but still, (at least to me) beautiful song with just an accoustic guitar and my voice
as I sat in a garage somewhere in an obsure town of northern Michigan while in the midst of it all.
I truly hope that whatever your situation, you might be able to relate to the emotions in this song...
for whoever or whatever it may take meaning in your current life:)
v1 :
Whisper to me, softly,
you love me, you love me, care for me,
I need your affection;
adore me, search my heart, explore me,
your love is like the tides of,
the ocean, the ocean, the ocean,
surround me with your love and devotion,
you know me, you're for me,
tell me why I wander down the path I do,
when all I want, is to love you,
I'm lost...I'm lost, without you now,
tell me why I do what I don't want to,
don't want to, don't want to when all I need is you
I am but a star in, the galaxy yet somehow, you found me
show me to the depths of, compassion, in your heart, surround me
define me as a diamond,
held safe in, the channels of your heart
envelope me in warmth like the sunshine
enclose me in your arms
(Chorus repeat x2)

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wow amazing! I like watching an angel's show


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Lovely song! I liked you did it all by yourself and it’s great!


Thanks!!:) I really appreciate the support…I used to just write all my songs with a guitar and learning to mix/produce music with software can still be challenging at times😅 so thanks so much again☺️❤️


awesome, this is a beautiful song. I really enjoy your song